Hobbies, Games and Pastimes Quiz 1

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1. SCRABBLE-What is the value of a ?K??

2. POKER-What is the name of the best winning hand?

3. CLUEDO-What are the Six Weapons used?

4. CHESS-Which two pieces are used in ?Castling??

5. MONOPOLY-What are the four Railway Stations?

6. SNOOKER-How many reds are on the table at the start of a game?

7. DARTS-What is the lowest score that cannot be hit with one dart?

8. POOL-Which Country is currently the holders of the Mosconi Cup?

9. DRAUGHTS-How many counters are on the board at the start of a game?

10. COLLECTING-What do Numismatists collect?

11. MUSIC-What instrument does a Campanologist play?

12. PETS-What is the most commonly owned breed of pedigree cat in the UK?

13. BOWLS-What is the name of the white ball?

14. KNITTING-What does S1 K1 P.s.s.o. mean?

15. MARTIAL ARTS-Which Martial Art translates as ?Way of the Empty Hand??

16. SHOOTING-When does the Grouse Shooting season begin?

17. GARDENING-What is the common name for Digitalis?

18. FASHION-Which Fashion Designer is associated with the ?Mini-Skirt??

19. DRINKING-Moselle is a wine from which Country?

20. BINGO-Which number is referred to as ?Doctors Orders??

21. HORSE RACING-How many times did Red Rum win the Grand National?

22. MONOPOLY-What were the 6 original counters?

23. SCOUTS & GUIDES-Who founded the Scouts & Guides movement?

24. PETS-What is a Neon Tetra?

25. TELEVISION-Which Two David's have presented ?A Question of Sport?/

26. MUSICALS-The Song ?Empty chairs at empty tables? is from which musical?

27. ANGLING-What is the largest breed of freshwater fish in Britain?

28. LITERATURE-?All Children, except one, grow up? is the opening line of which Novel?

29. ASTRONOMY-Earth is 93 Million miles from which Star?

30. TRAVEL-John Wayne airport is in which American City?  


1. 5

2. Royal Flush

3. Knife, Revolver, Spanner, Lead Pipe, Rope, Candlestick.

4. King & Castle/Rook

5. Kings Cross, Fenchurch St, Liverpool St, Marylebone.

6. 15

7. 23

8. USA

9. 24 (12 each side)

10. Coins or Medals

11. A Bell

12. Persian

13. A Jack

14. Slip one knit one Pass slip stitch over

15. Karate

16. August 12th (Glorious 12th.)

17. Foxglove

18. Mary Quant

19. Germany

20. Number 9

21. (1973, 1974, 1977)

22. Battleship, Racehorse, Boat, Top Hat, Car, Iron.

23. Robert Baden-Powel

24. A Tropical Fish

25. David Vine & David Coleman.

26. Les Miserables

27. Pike

28. Peter Pan

29. The Sun

30. Los Angeles.


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