Pauls Dog Days Quiz 1

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1. Laika died in space. Which two Russian dogs returned alive and well?

2. What kind of dogs does one associate with Noel Coward?

3. Complete the following canine song titles from the following bands or singers:
    a: Led Zeppelin -  ...... dog 
    b: Lobo - Me ..... 
    c: Pattie Page -  How .... 
    d: Rolling Stones -  ....... the dog 
    e: Iggy Pop - I wanna  ..... 
    f:  David Bowie -   ....... dogs

4. What is the only dog that is allowed to give evidence in a US courtroom ?

5. The dog named AIBO is a differant breed. Explain.

6. What is the black dog called who is or was a god in ancient Eygpt?

7. What was the name of the bulldog in Tom and Jerry ?

8. The most faithful dog from Edinburgh was "Greyfriars Bobby". What breed was it?

9. In the Napoleonic wars, why did the French use poodles on the battlefield?

10. Which very famous dog was found in an abandoned German bunker in WWI?

11. What was the name of:  
    a: Frank Sinatra`s dog and 
    b: Hitler's dog?

12. A dog in a Sherlock Holmes story and the nickname of a Premier League football club. Six letters

13. The Doberman gets its name from Ludwig Doberman. He trained these dogs to be extremely fierce. What did he do for a living, was he; 
    a: a policeman 
    b: a postman or
    c: a tax collector ?


Online Dog Training1. Belka and Strelka

2. Mad dogs (and Englishmen)

3. Six Answers:
    a: Black 
    b: and you and a dog named Boo 
    c: much is that doggie in the window 
    d: Walkin 
    e: be your dog 
    f: Diamond

4. A Bloodhound

5. AIBO is the artificial intelligence robot dog from Sony.

6. Anubis

7. Spike

8. Skye terrier

9. To search out the wounded

10. Rin Tin Tin  

11. Two Answers: 
    a: Mafia 
    b: Blondie

12. Pompey

13. c: A Tax Collector

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