Pauls Beatles Quiz 2

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1. Who invaded Pepperland?

2. Ironically, both John Denver and Keith Moon made a cover version of which Beatles song? (clue, if needed: they didn't get that far)

3. John wrote the song "Sexy Sadie". Which rumoured skirt chaser inspired the song?

4. When asked "what do you call that hairstyle", George replied .......?

5. Which one of the Beatles was the "leverpuller" in the film Yellow Submarine?

6. The following are the first words to which Beatles songs:
    a: Good evening and welcome to Slaggers  
    b: Oh komm doch, komm zu mir?

7. Paul wrote the songs "Things we said today" and "We can work it out" for his girlfriend . What was her name?

8. Peter Sellers and Ringo played father and son in the film "The magic christian". The theme song was written by a Beatle. Name the song and the band that performed it.

9. Who was the captain of the Yellow Submarine?

10. What was the first song composed by Richard Starkey found on a Beatles album?


1. The Blue Meanies

2. When I`m 64

3. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

4. Arthur

5. Ringo

6. Two answers:
    a: You know my name (look up the number) 
    b: Komm, Gib mir deine Hand

7. Jane Asher

8. "Come and get it" by Badfinger

9. Old Fred

10. Don`t pass me by


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