Pauls Numbers Quiz 1

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Choose the appropriate number, given the following clues.

1. Liz Taylors marriages

2. Digits on Homer Simpsons hand

3. Bits in a Byte

4. Men who have walked on the moon

5. Number on shirt (choose three) 
    a: Maradona when playing hand ball 
    b: Malinga when playing one day cricket 
    c: Wayne Gretzky 
    d: Lance Armstrong in yellow 
    e: Gert Müller playing for Germany 
    f: Bobby Hull 
    g: Jona Lumo

6. Herbie the love bug

7. Add all the numbers in Brad Pitt films

8. How many balls (in song) 
    a: Hitler 
    b: Goring 
    c: Himmler 
    d: Goebbels

9. Miles per hour the Delorean must reach in Back to the Future before it can travel through time

10. "Summers" old was Kevin Barry

11. Number of the Enterprise in Star Trek

12.Year in the song "Irish Rover"

13. Number of Scaramanga's nipples

14. Digits on Scottys' both hands in Star Trek

15. Hills in Rome

16. Dead drummers in the band Spinal Tap

17. Number on a bottle of eau de Cologne

18. Damien Thorpe

19. Maxwell Smart

20. Battle of New Orleans  ( year in song )


1. 8  

2. 4  

3. 8  

4. 12  

5. Seven Answers:
    a: 10 
    b: 99 
    c: 99 
    d: 1 
    e: 13 
    f: 9 
    g: 11

6. 53  

7. 69

8.Four Answers:
    a: 1 
    b: 2 
    c: 2 
    d: 0  "Hitler has only got one ball" refers to the many variations on a set of lyrics to the popular "Colonel Bogey March". These are four-line lyrics making fun of the Nazi leaders.

   Hitler has only got one ball,
   Göring has two but very small,
   Himmler is somewhat sim'lar,
   But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.

9. 88  

10. 18   Kevin Barry is remembered in a well-known song about his imprisonment and execution, written shortly after his death and still sung today. The tune to "Kevin Barry" was taken from "Rolling Home to Dear Old Ireland".

   In Mountjoy jail one Monday morning
   High upon the gallows tree
   Kevin Barry gave his young life
   For the cause of liberty
   Just a lad of eighteen summers
   Yet there's no one can deny
   As he walked to death that morning
   He proudly held his head on high.
   Shoot me like an Irish soldier,
   Do not hang me like a dog;
   For I fought for Ireland's freedom
   On that dark September morn,
   All around that little bakery,
   Where we fought them hand to hand.
   Shoot me like an Irish soldier
   For I fought to free Ireland...

11. 1701  

12. 1806  

13. 3  

14. 9  

15. 7  

16. 4 (possibly 5 or 6) 
    John stumpy Pepys (gardening accident) 
    Eric stumpy joe Childs (choked on someone elses vomit) 
    Peter james Bond (spontaneous combustion) 
    Mick Shrimpton(onstage explosion) 
    Joe mama Besser (missing, presumed dead)
    Richard Shrimpton (No one has any idea what happened to him).
    and the beat goes on.

17. 4711  

18. 666

19. 86  

20. 1814


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