Couch Potatoes Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Many thanks Alan, great job once again!

Identify the British television programmes from the following cryptic clues.

Television Quiz1. Is it football, rugby, cricket or tennis?

2. Sounds like Dad is either lazy or out of work

3. You usually do this at the January sales

4. This kind of cold snap usually tells you Winter's on its way

5. How Dad should be made to feel on Father's Day

6. A spectator who prefers not to be heard

7. Ignore the late '70s group

8. What the proprietor of the Guardian might say to increase business

9. Something William could settle perhaps

10. A crowning event down our way


1. A question of sport

2. Pop Idol

3. Bargain hunt

4. A touch of Frost

5. Top of the pops

6. Silent witness

7. Never mind the Buzzcocks

8. Have I got news for you

9. The Bill

10. Coronation Street


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