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Film Quiz1. Which filmstar's real name is Marion Morrison?

2. Whose figure did Disney use as model for Tinkerbell?

3. In the "Sound of Music", how many Von Trapp children are there?

4. A movie written and starring Woddy Allen and a song by Welsh crooner Tom Jones.

5. Basil Rathbone played which character of book and film fourteen times between 1936 and 1946?

6. Which pop singer starred in the film The Jazz Singer?

7. Which actress is the mother of Carrie Fisher?

8. What make of cigarettes does James Bond smoke?

9. What is the Telly in Telly Savalas short for?

10. In the film "Fail Safe", who played the US President?

11. What is the name of Inspector Clouseau's manservant?

12. Maurice Micklewhite is which movie legend's real name

13. What is name of Wilkes plantation in Gone with the Wind?

14. What famous fountain features in the film Three Coins in the Fountain?

15. What Bond character has been most consistently played by the same person?

16. Who was Ben Hur's rival in the Great Chariot Race?

17. What film: Maximilian Schell, Melina Mercouri & Peter Ustinov as jewel thieves?

18. What Monty Python film was initially banned in Scotland?

19. Which 20th Century dictator was an extra in the film The Eternal City?

20. Which tennis player appeared in Bond film Octopussy?

21. What film: Shirley Temple sang "The Good Ship Lollipop"?


1. John Wayne

2. Marylin Monro

3. Seven

4. What's new, pussycat?

5. Sherlock Holmes

6. Neil Diamond

7. Debbie Reynolds

8. Dunhill

9. Aristotle

10. Henry Fonda

11. Kato

12. Michael Caine

13. Twelve Oaks

14. Trevi Fountain in Rome

15. Q (Desmond Llewelyn 17 times)

16. Messala

17. Topkapi

18. The life of Brian

19. Mussolini

20. Vilay Armitraj

21. Bright Eyes (1934)


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