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The following questions are all related to British TV programmes and characters. Many of these TV programmes have not been either shown or widely accepted in many other countries.

Television Quiz1. In 1984, Margaret Thatcher wrote a sketch for, and played herself in which series?

2. Which TV series features International Rescue?

3. In which town is Fawlty Towers set?

4. In Minder, name Arthur Daley's club.

5. What period drama was set at 165 Eaton Place, London?

6. What is the name of Captain Pugwash's ship?

7. Who did Reggie Perrin work for, before GROT?

8. Which Brit TV series inspired America's All In The Family?

9. Who did Ronnie Corbett play in Sorry? Two points for his full name.

10. Who played the first Doctor Who?

11. Who played Robin in Robin's Nest?

12. Sue Nicholls and Molly Weir starred in which 1980's kids' series?

13. In The New Avengers, who does Joanna Lumley play?

14. Which British soap is set in Glendarroch?

15. What did Alf Garnet call his son-in-law in Till Death Us Do Part?

16. Who did Dennis Waterman play in The Sweeney?

17. What does Rumpole of the Bailey call his wife?

18. In the TV series Porridge, what was the name of the prison?

19. Who chaired Question Time immediately before Peter Sissons?

20. In The Goon Show, who played Eccles?


1. Yes, Minister

2. Thunderbirds

3. Torquay

4. The Winchester Club

5. Upstairs Downstairs

6. The Black Pig

7. Sunshine Desserts

8. 'Till Death Us Do Part

9. Timothy Lumsden

10. William Hartnell

11. Richard O'Sullivan

12. Rentaghost

13. Purdey

14. Take the High Road

15. Scouse Git

16. Sgt George Carter

17. She who must be obeyed

18. Slade

19. Sir Robin Day

20. Spike Milligan


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