Missing Links Quiz 1

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1. What do the following have in common: Girton, Newnham and New Hall?

2. What did Maskelyne, Chung Ling Soo and Servais Le Roy have in common?

3. Leap-Frog, The Gallant Hussar and Ampleforth are all types of what?

4. What are known by the names Oxford Treble Bob, ~ Bob Major and Grandsire Triple?

5. Escritoire, flap-and-tambour, military and kneehole are all types of what?

6. James Baines, Thermopylae, Ariel and Taeping were all what type of conveyance?

7. Charles Dickens, John Pounds and Isambard Brunel were all born in which city?

8. Byzantine, Romanesque, Baroque and Brutalism are all what?

9. What do maiden, mother-of-all and footman have in common?

10. What did Flamsteed, Halley, Bradley and Bliss have in common?

11. What do Wyandotte, Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Red have in common?

12. What do a brandy puncheon; butt, hogshead and kilderkin have in common?

13. What do Blackwall, Rotherhithe and Dartford have in common?

14. Lord Byron, R B Sheridan, Sir Robert' Peel, Lord Palmerston and Sir Winston Churchill all attended which public school?

15. What are Auk, Montrose, Piper and Beryl?

16. Deveraux, Flint, Bell, Wakefield, Cradle, Bloody, Brick and Martin all have something in common. What is it?

17. What do Pelmanism, Beggar My Neighbour, Miss Milligan and Racing Demons have in common?

18. What personal characteristic did Monarchs James I, George IV and Queen Victoria have in common?

19. What do Paddy McCready, Elizabeth of Glamis and Dorothy Perkins have in common?

20. What do pinto; borlotti, cannellini and kidney have in common?  

21. What do the tomb of St James of Compostella in Spain; the shrine of Becket in Canterbury and Lourdes in France has in common?

22. What do Swallowtail, The Scottish Angus and The Camberwell have in common?

23. What did James Keir Hardie, Bertrand Russell and Gandhi have in common?

24. What did Mary Queen of Scots, Marie Antoinette and Annie Oakley have in common?

25. What do emus; cassowaries and kiwis have in common?

26. What do Scarlet Pimpernel, James Grieve and Egremont Russett have in common?

27. What do Fairbourne, Snowdon Mountain and Leighton Buzzard have in common?

28. What do Brahmans, Kshariyas, Vaisyas and Shudras have in common?

29. What did Jonn S Copley, Benjamin West, Winslow Homer and Jackson Pollock have in common?

30. What did Jock Sutherland, Gregory Brandon, Jack Ketch and Thomas Cheshire have in common?


1. Colleges at Cambridge

2. Famous Magicians

3. Morris Dances

4. All bell changes in bell ringing

5. Desks

6. Clipper Ships

7. Portsmouth

8. Architecture

9. Parts of a spinning wheel

10. All astronomer Royals

11. Breeds of chicken

12. All casks and measures

13. Tunnels under the Thames

14. Harrow

15. Oil fields and rigs in the North Sea

16. Towers in the Tower of London

17. Card games

18. Left handed

19. Roses

20. Types of bean  

21. Places of Pilgrimage

22. Butterflies

23. Pacifists

24. All married before they were 16

25. Birds that can't fly

26. Apple trees

27. All have narrow gauge railways

28. Hindu Castes

29. All American artists

30. Famous Hangmen  


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