Cryptic Quiz 4

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The rules to this quiz are simple, we ask a question in which an abbreviation of the answer is given. Provide the non-abbreviated form using the clues within the question.

1. What AWB is a weed or drip?

2. What DI is a former French penal colony?

3. What ARD is a worthy, but unpolished person?

4. What LBL means gradually?

5. What A is another name for Pimento?

6. What OC had the world?s first parking meters in 1935?

7. What NON is at this moment - or not at all?

8. What TLO is to elucidate?

9. What CAJ is a type of weightlifting?

10. What JL was the world?s longest reigning heavyweight boxing champion?

11. What EMF wrote A Room With A View?

12. What CR is a Central American republic?

13. What CG is used for destroying bacteria in water?

14. What SA is the world?s oldest major golf course?

15. What BB is a French Casserole with wine?

16. What P does the Colorado beetle attack?

17. What RP is the world?s longest snake?

18. What NN is said to be good news?

19. What FAAP describes something completely flat?

20. What C is the common name for the painful spasmodic contraction of a muscle?


1. A Wet Blanket

2. Devils Island

3. A Rough Diamond

4. Little By Little

5. Allspice

6. Oklahoma City

7. Now or Never

8. Throw Light On

9. Clean And Jerk

10. Joe Louis

11. Edward Morgan Forster

12. Costa Rica

13. Chlorine Gas

14. St. Andrews

15. Bouef Bourgignon

16. Potato

17. Reticulated Python

18. No News

19. Flat as a pancake

20. Cramp


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