Cryptic Quiz 3

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The rules to this quiz are simple, we ask a question in which an abbreviation of the answer is given. Provide the non-abbreviated form using the clues within the question.

1. What TTPO is to substitute for?

2. What GTP means to run to seed?

3. What BYT is to wait patiently?

4. What FT is a prognosticator?

5. What FD is an old fashioned person?

6. What OC means slightly unwell?

7. What YC should you cut your coat according to?

8. What HACA means to attempt?

9. What IOW means alternatively expressed?

10. What RG is a loose estimate?

11. In which TQM does John Wayne win the steeplechase?

12. What CAAC is the opposite of warm as toast?

13. Which R is a musical term meaning slowing down?

14. Which TML is the Painting whose official name is La Gioconda?

15. Which PE makes Welsh Rarebit into Buck Rarebit?

16. What ASS are lucky people said to have in their mouths at birth?

17. What WFW is verbatim?

18. Which RF did Sherlock Holmes apparently meet his death in?

19. What TOF was a Spy film and novel?

20. What RH was the founder of Scientology?


1. Take The Place Of

2. Go To Pot

3. Bide Your Time

4. Fortune Teller

5. Fuddy Duddy

6. Off Colour

7. Your Cloth

8. Have A Crack At

9. In Other Words

10. Rough Guess

11. The Quiet Man

12. Cool as a Cucumber

13. Rallentando

14. The Mona Lisa

15. Poached Egg

16. A Silver Spoon

17. Word For Word

18. Reichenbach Falls

19. The Odessa File

20. Ron Hubbard


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