Cryptic Quiz 2

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The rules to this quiz are simple, we ask a question in which an abbreviation of the answer is given. Provide the non-abbreviated form using the clues within the question.

1. What HGL means carefree?

2. What TTL means to behave as you are expected to?

3. What TTC are the basis of Judaeo-Christian morality?

4. What HH is top secret?

5. What APOL is a saying for something utterly untrue?

6. What TW are air currents blowing almost continually towards the equator?

7. What PLS is to support in words but not deeds?

8. What ATU is an even-money chance?

9. What CB was a titled US Jazz Musician?

10. What SNT is the ultimate bid in bridge?

11. What CC is a narrow escape?

12. What TTYH is to turn and run?

13. What BS separates North America from the USSR?

14. What SYNO means to expose yourself to risk?

15. What TW is a US TV series set in the depression years?

16. What HU is poor?

17. What BB was a forerunner of Reggae music?

18. What PP won the 1988 Pakistan general election?

19. What NTK is a risqu? story?

20. What TFC is Britain?s biggest landowner?


1. Happy Go Lucky

2. Toe the line

3. The ten commandments

4. Hush Hush

5. A pack Of Lies

6. Trade Winds

7. Pay Lip service

8. A Toss Up

9. Count Basie

10. Seven No Trumps

11. Close Call

12. Take To Your Heels

13. Bering Straits

14. Stick Your Neck Out

15. The Waltons

16. Hard Up

17. Blue Beat

18. Peoples Party

19. Near the knuckle

20. The Forestry Commission


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