Cryptic Quiz 1

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The rules to this quiz are simple, we ask a question in which an abbreviation of the answer is given. Provide the non-abbreviated form using the clues within the question.

1. What SOTT is a verbal faux pas?

2. What MA is to Atone?

3. What MB received $18.5 million for nine minutes of screen time?

4. What BOAF means people of the same ilk?

5. What SH does someone do when they quibble?

6. What BK is the largest lake in Japan?

7. What ISS means scarce?

8. What BF is genuine?

9. What ATCF means in a direct line?

10. What RD is the fastest land animal in Britain?

11. What DV is the hottest place on the earth?

12. What TS is an epidermal way of saying insensitive?

13. What KTBR means to keep something going?

14. What WW is thin, weak or sloppy?

15. What HBTY is the most frequently sung of all?

16. What GB is a mediator?

17. What DD is slang for gibberish?

18. What SASP is a popular Chinese restaurant dish?

19. What MOFW is a tight lipped male?

20. What CDB had a hit throughout Europe with "Missing You"?


1. Slip Of The Tongue

2. Make Amends

3. Marlon Brando

4. Birds Of A Feather

5. Split Hairs

6. Biwa Ko

7. In Short Supply

8. Bona Fide

9. As the Crow Flies

10. Roe Deer

11. Death Valley

12. Thick Skinned

13. Keep the ball Rolling

14. Wishy Washy

15. Happy Birthday To You

16. Go Between

17. Double Dutch

18. Sweet And Sour Pork

19. Man of few words

20. Chris De Burgh

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