Language Quiz 1

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1. From which language does the word Lemming originate?

2. Postage stamps from Switzerland bear the inscription ?Helvetia?. In which language does Helvetia mean "Switzerland"?

3. What language is "Stern" published in?

4. Which language is Afrikaans derived from?

5. In which country is the language Sinhalese spoken?

6. In Morse code, how is the letter 'S' represented?

7. What does the Australian slang word 'dinkum' mean?

8. Der Spiegel is a famous German publication, when translated into English it shares its name with a famous British publication, which?

9. Which European language is an official language of Angola?

10. What is the official language of Pakistan?

11. What is Finland's name in its own language?

12. What is the dominant classical language of the Indian subcontinent?

13. Which is the only French-speaking republic in the Americas?

14. What is the Italian word for the Virgin Mary which when translated literally means 'my lady'?

15. Which African city's name, when literally translated, means 'White House'?

16. Which cities name when translated from Spanish means ?The Meadows??


1. Norwegian

2. Latin

3. German

4. Dutch

5. Sri Lanka

6. Three dots

7. Honest

8. The Mirror

9. Portuguese

10. Urdu

11. Suomi (Tasavalta)

12. Sanskrit

13. Haiti

14. Madonna

15. Casablanca

16. Las Vegas

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