Cryptic Quiz 5

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The rules to this quiz are simple, we ask a question in which an abbreviation of the answer is given. Provide the non-abbreviated form using the clues within the question.

1. What ARD is a worthy, but unpolished person?

2. What HK was Chancellor of West Germany?

3. What LBL means gradually?

4. What OC had the world?s first parking meters in 1935?

5. What HW said ?A week is a long time in Politics??

6. What FAAP describes something completely flat?

7. What RDC was a non-urban local governing body?

8. What CR is a Central American republic?

9. What MW is an annual beauty pageant?

10. What NON is at this moment - or not at all?  

11. What OC means slightly unwell?

12. What JL was the world?s longest reigning heavyweight boxing champion?

13. What EMF wrote A Room With A View?

14. What YC should you cut your coat according to?

15. What BTT was a TV contest between school masters and pupils?

16. What DD is a simple way of paying bills?

17. What AK is hereditary head of the ismaili Muslims?

18. What HACA means to attempt?

19. What RP is the world?s longest snake?

20. What MB helps you work, rest and play?

21. Which DF hosts a breakfast talk show on Sunday Morning?

22. Which WD provided the voice for Mickey Mouse?

23. In which TQM does John Wayne win the steeplechase?

24. Which RHG does an MP become when he is a privy councillor?

25. Which FD occurs in Helston Cornwall on the 8th May every year?

26. Which TML is the Painting whose official name is La Gioconda?

27. Which PE makes Welsh Rarebit into Buck Rarebit?

28. Which IF wrote the Goldfinger?

29. Which RB is one of the countries top impressionists?

30. Which W S J is New York?s equivalent of the Financial Times?

31. What PTQ do you do when you propose marriage?

32. What WS is a best-selling adventure writer?

33. What CG is used for destroying bacteria in water?

34. What ASIT saves nine?

35. What PP became a British subject on 28th February 1947?

36. What BB is a French Casserole with wine?

37. What CF was happy to sing Who?s Sorry Now?

38. What ASS are lucky people said to have in their mouths at birth?

39. What SA is the world?s oldest major golf course?

40. What SCW designed St. Paul?s Cathedral?

41. What SJG was a British Shakespearean actor?

42. What AWB is a weed or drip?

43. What DI is a former French penal colony?

44. What BAW is a monochrome photo?

45. What GB was at the time the oldest actor at 80 to win an Oscar?

46. What WFW is verbatim?

47. What BM is a congenital blemish of the skin?

48. What MA is US Secretary of State?

49. What CAJ is a type of weightlifting?

50. What IRBM is a rocket powered weapon?


1. A Rough Diamond

2. Helmut Kohl

3. Little By Little

4. Oklahoma City

5. Harold Wilson

6. Flat as a pancake

7. Rural District Council

8. Costa Rica

9. Miss World

10. Now or Never

11. Off Colour

12. Joe Louis

13. Edward Morgan Forster

14. Your Cloth

15. Beat The Teacher

16. Direct Debit

17. Aga Khan

18. Have A Crack At

19. Reticulated Python

20. Mars Bar

21. David Frost

22. Walt Disney

23. The Quiet Man

24. Right Honourable Gentleman

25. Furry Dance

26. The Mona Lisa

27. Poached Egg

28. Ian Fleming

29. Rory Bremner

30. Wall Street Journal  

31. Pop the Question

32. Wilbur Smith

33. Chlorine Gas

34. A Stitch in time

35. Prince Philip

36. Bouef Bourgignon

37. Connie Francis

38. A Silver Spoon

39. St. Andrews

40. Sir Christopher Wren

41. Sir John Gielgud

42. A Wet Blanket

43. Devils Island

44. Black and White

45. George Burns

46. Word For Word

47. Birth Mark

48. Madeline Albright

49. Clean And Jerk

50. Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile


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