Language Quiz 2

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1. The British call it paraffin, what do the Americans call it?

2. Which French phrase, in common English use, means something already accomplished and considered irreversible?

3. Whose motto is 'my word is my bond'.?

4. In which country is the language Sinhalese spoken?

5. Which newspaper is nicknamed 'The Thunderer'?

6. What is the communications code word for the letter W?

7. What is the main use of the Java computer language?

8. How many in a Baker's dozen?

9. What does the Australian slang word 'dinkum' mean?

10. In Morse code, how is the letter 'S' represented?


1. Kerosene

2. Fait Accompli

3. Stock Exchange

4. Sri Lanka

5. The Times

6. Whiskey

7. Internet applications

8. 13

9. Honest

10. Three dots


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