Connect the Two Quiz 1

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Can you make the connection between the following (all one word answers) 

1. A new town in Essex and a blond film star

2. A yellowish brown coating on a metal and a reckless German pilot

3. A type of dog and an adjective describing part of the former Yugoslav coast?

4. A town in Staffordshire and a Welsh emblem

5. Easy Rider and On Golden Pond

6. A South American canal and type of Hat

7. The capital of country which has a port called of Zeebrugge and a variety of a particular sort of vegetable

8. Rank in the British Army and a British Prime Minister

9. A former BBC Radio 1 DJ and founder of the British police force

10. Michael Douglas? father and William Shatner


1. Harlow

2. Rust

3. Dalmatian

4. Leek

5. Fonda

6. Panama

7. Brussels

8. Major

9. Peel

10. Kirk


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