Pauls Christmas Quiz 8

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1. Which do Norwegians hide away somewhere in the house on Christmas Eve as a precautionary measure ?
a. brooms,  b. coal,  c. gold,  d. mead 

2. Who wrote each of the following words?
    a. "It was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge" 
    b. "Maybe Christmas he thought, doesnt come from a store"

3. What kind of animal delivers gifts at Christmas in Syria ?

4. On which three days do Americans consume the most food ?

5. Plus or minus one year, when did Queen Elizebeth II deliver her first 'televised Christmas messege to the nation' ?

6. In which European country do malicious creatures called Kallikantzaroi get up to mischief around Christmas ?

7. Which percentage of Americans don't celebrate Christmas at all ? 
     a. 4%   
    b. 10%  or 
    c. 18%

8. Who composed the music for the festive season ballet 'The Nutcracker' ? 

9. Plus or minus one year, how long does it take a Scotch Pine Christmas tree to reach a typical retail height of 6 to 7 feet ?

10. In which country do Little Snowflake and Grandfather Frost deliver gifts during the festive season ?
a. France,  b. Germany,  c. Russia,  d. Sweden


1. Answer a. brooms (in order to keep the witches away)

2. Two Answers:
    a. Charles Dickens
    b. Dr. Seuss

3. Camel (one of the wise mens camels)

4. Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Superbowl Sunday.

5. 1957

6. Greece

7. answer a. circa 4 %

8. Tchaikovsky

9. 7 years

10. Answer c. Russia (Little snowflake (Snegurochka) and Grandfather Frost (Dedushka Moroz))

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