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1. Collectively, what are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 called?

2. George Merry, Blind Pew and Ben Gunn are some of the characters in which book and film?

3. In which film can an AMC Hornet Hatchback Special car spread wings and fly?

4. What is the more common name for the 'Lent Lily', a flower symbolising friendship and at one time was used to cure madness?

5. Which popular toy was once used as a weapon in the Philippines?

6. A 17th or 18th century ship under sail on a journey from England to Australia would usually stop in Santa Cruz Tenerife first for fresh supplies. Due to the prevailing winds, before stopping in Cape Town, where would the next most likely port of call be? 

7. According to the new Forbes list for 2009, how many billionares are there in the world? plus or minus 100

8. Who connects 'High Fidelity', 'About a Boy' and 'Fever Pitch'?

9. Put the following countries in order of population, starting with the most populated: 
    a: Sudan, b: Saudi Arabia, c: Egypt, d: Rwanda

10. The capital of Sudan is laid out in the shape of which flag?

11. In which film does a character played by Lou Gossett Jr have a baby?

12. On which island, once famous for whaling, is the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackelton buried?

13. Wilson was a quiet, sometimes inflated character in which film?

14. Sir Barton, War Admiral, Citation and Secretariat are all famous examples of what?

15. Bobby Orr won the Art Ross trophy in 1970 (and1975) for leading goal scorer in the NHL. It was a first and until then unheard of. Why?

16. Which daughter of an English 'Sir' won the Disney Legend Award in 1998?

17. Cryptic:
   a. What BE managed the Beatles?
   b. What CAC means perfectly obvious or transparent?
   c. What BAAC is a saying for someone hairless?
   d. What RC is a sturdy building material?
   e. What WH is the female singer who sang "One Moment in Time"?
   f. What POAP means to exalt?
   g. What MD ran against George Bush in the 1988 US presidential election?

18. Which spy organisation in Bond films was an actual KGB spy department?

19. Dr. Liz Wilson, Arlene, Pooky and Nermal all feature in which comic strip?

20. Which knighted actor stars in the 1951 film The Man in the White Suit?

21. What was the name of the sticky sweet night club in which Chubby Checker first introduced the Twist to the world?

22. Which 1972 Academy Award winner for best actress was Freddy Mercury's role model for stage shows?

23. What was the name given to the first true plastic (made with a synthetic polymer) introduced in 1912?

24. In which film does the "bravest of them all" character played by John Wayne constantly use the word Pilgrim?

25. An excursion for pleasure made by an official at the expense of the tax payer and a dessert. Six letters

26. The following books are about which musicians or bands?
    a. The Negative Dialectics Of Poodle Play
    b. The Secret Life Of Gordon Sumner
    c. Behind The Mask
    d. Diary Of A Madman

27. Unready, Martyr, Peaceable and Bastard are all examples of what?

28. The fictional masked crime fighter The Green Hornet is the nephew of which western hero?

29. What are the two oldest forms of script or syllabry in the ancient Aegean world called that predate the Greek alphabet?

30. In the early 14th century, what was a pot-de-fer?

31. A large city in the eastern USA and a popular mouth watering summer dessert . Nine letters

32. Put the following capital cities in order of distance from London, starting with the furthest away:
    Warsaw, Moscow, Lisbon, Madrid, Belgrade.

33. Christian Bale has played Bruce Wayne aka Batman in two films. Which other star has also played Batman twice in film?

34. Which fiction writers' stories, such as "The Metamorphosis", "The Trial" and "The Castle", concern troubled individuals in a nightmarishly impersonal and bureaucratic world?

35. Under which other identity is CIA Officer David Webb better known?

36. There are four Guggenheim museums worldwide, several others are under construction. One is in North America and three are in Europe. Name the cities in which one can visit a Guggenheim museum today.

37. In Spanish supermarkets this well-known household product is known as Don Limpio. How is it known in English-speaking countries?

38. Which European country spends a record 53 billion Euro each year on armaments, the highest spend by any European country?

39. Complete the following sequence (Clue: think politics):
    Mildred, Hannelore, Hannelore, Doris, _______

40. Who was the American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter?

41. Time, Space & the Planets
    a. Which object was named by 13 year old Venetia Burney from Oxford?
    b. What sort of creatures were Laska & Benny who were sent into space in 1958?
    c. Charon is the only known moon of which orbiting object?
    d. Which Star Trek character is Asteroid 2309 named after?
    e. Which planet is slightly smaller than the Earth?
    f. Which Planets rings were photographed by Voyager 1 in 1980?
    g. How many Apollo missions had successful moon landings?
    h. When skylab crashed to earth, in which country did it fall?
    i. What is the difference between a meteor and meteorite?


1. Lost

2. Treasure Island

3. The Man With The Golden Gun

4. Daffodil (genus Narcissus)

5. Yo-yo

6. South America, usually Rio in Brazil.

7. 793

8. Nick Hornby (Author of those novels)

9. c, a, b, d - Egypt (76 million), Sudan (42 million), Saudi Arabia (25 million), Rwanda (almost 10 million)

10. The Union Flag

11. Enemy Mine (a 1985 film directed by Wolfgang Petersen)

12. South Georgia

13. Castaway (the volleyball)

14. Triple Crown Winners or famous US thoroughbred race horses.

15. He was a defensiveman. Orr was the first defensiveman to accomplish this feat.

16. Hayley Mills

17. Seven answers:
   a. Brian Epstein
   b. Clear As Crystal
   c. Bald As A Coot
   d. Reinforced Concrete
   e. Whitney Houston
   f. Put On A Pedestal
   g. Michael Dukakis

18. SMERSH (Smert Shpionen or 'death to spies')

19. Garfield

20. Sir Alec Guinness

21. The Peppermint Lounge

22. Liza Minnelli

23. Bakelite

24. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. In the theme song he "was the bravest of them all".

25. Junket

26. Four answers
    a. Frank Zappa
    b. Sting
    c. REM
    d. Ozzy Osbourne

27. English Kings. Ethelred the Unready (978-1016), Edward the Martyr (975-978), Edgar the Peaceable (959-975) and William the Bastard or Conqueror (1066-1087).

28. The Lone Ranger

29. Linear A and Linear B

30. A cannon. Probably the first cannon made of metal, it was used in the 100 years war.

31. Charlotte

32. Moscow 2508km (1559 miles), Belgrade 1694km (1053 miles), Lisbon 1585km (985 miles), Warsaw 1452km (902 miles), Madrid 1261km (783 miles)

33. Michael Keaton

34. Franz Kafka

35. Jason Bourne (a fictional character of Robert Ludlum novels and subsequent film adaptations all starring Matt Damon, The Bourne Identity for example)

36. Berlin, Bilbao, Venice and New York. The Las Vegas Guggenheim museums are now both closed.

37. UK: Flash, USA/CAN/AUS: Mr. Clean, Germany: Meister Proper, France: Monsieur Propre, Italy: Mastro Lindo

38. The United Kingdom

39. Joachim (Spouses of the previous and current German Chancellors - Mildred Scheel (Walter Scheel), Hannelore Glaser (Helmut Schmidt), Hannelore Kohl (Helmut Kohl), Doris Schr?der-K?pf (Gerhard Schr?der), Joachim Sauer (Angela Merkel))

40. Edgar Rice Burroughs

41. Nine answers:
    a. Pluto
    b. Mice
    c. Pluto
    d. Spock
    e. Venus
    f. Saturn
    g. 6
    h. Australia
    i. A meteorite has fallen to earth


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