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1. All of the following belonged to which organisation?
    Mozart, Winston Churchill, Goethe, F.D. Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin and Cassanova.

2. Which popular sport played all over the world was originally called Poona?

3. The flags of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Egypt all feature what object?

4. The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men. What are they doing with their hands?

5. In song, who lives in the Greta Garbo home for wayward boys and girls?

6. What word, meaning "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty" when said loud enough always makes you sound precocious?

7. More than a decade after first discovering the new element Ununbium, scientists have just been credited with it's discovery. What does the word Ununbium mean?

8. Which Oscar winning film musical was banned in Burma in 1956, the year it was released?

9. In which city is the revolutionary naval cruiser Aurora located?

10. Vexillology is the study of what?

11. What is the missing city in each of the following song titles?
    a. TSOP (The sound of ...)
    b. Witch Queen of
    c. By the time I get to
    d. Werewolves of
    e. Nightboat to
    f. The boy from
    g. Midnight in

12. What is Friggaphobia?

13. In which century did the so called 'Little Ice Age' begin in Europe?

14. Which colour of Smartie replaced the blue Smartie in the UK between 2006 and 2008?

15. Weihenstephan is apparently the oldest what in the world?

16. According to most military historians, what does the D stand for in D Day?

17. In 'which' TV series does the nosy neighbour Gladys Kravitz see spells?

18. Which French territory (Territorial Collectivity) is just 25 km off the coast of Canada?

19. One liners. We give you one line from a famous song from the year 1970 and you must tell us the name of the song and the artist that had a hit with that song in the year 1970.
    a: Now, they're some sad things known to man
    b: When no-one else can understand me
    c: Spend your lives in sin and misery
    d: That leads us to who knows where, who knows when
    e: 'Cause I've been there and I'm glad I'm out
    f: And people say she she's crazy
    g: You're shaking my confidence daily
    h: I don't know when I'll be back again
    i: Gotta have a friend in Jesus
    j: On the day that you were born, the angels got together
    k: When I find myself in times of trouble
    l: It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

20. What is the only word that is pronounced in exactly the same way in all modern languages?


1. Free Masons

2. Badminton

3. Bird(s) of prey

4. They are on each others shoulders.

5. Jack. (My Name Is Jack. Manfred Man's Earth Band)

6. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

7. One One Two (112 is it's atomic weight)

8. The King and I.

9. St. Petersburg

10. Flags.

11. Seven answers
    a. Philadelphia (MFSB)
    b. New Orleans (Redbone)
    c. Phoenix (Glen Campbell)
    d. London (Warren Zevon)
    e. Cairo (Madness)
    f. New York City (Manhattan Transfer)
    g. Moscow (Kenny Ball)

12. The fear of Friday.

13. 14th century

14. white

15. Brewery

16. Day

17. Bewitched

18. St Pierre and Miquelon.

19. Answers:
    a: Tears Of a Clown - Smokey Robinson
    b: The Wonder Of You - Elvis Presley
    c: House Of The Rising Sun - Frijid Pink
    d: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies
    e: I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Dionne Warwick
    f: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse
    g: Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel
    h: Leaving On A Jet Plane - Peter, Paul & Mary
    i: Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum
    j: (They Long To Be) Close To You - The Carpenters
    k: Let It Be - The Beatles
    l: Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head - B J Thomas

20. Taxi


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