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1. Which group 'jumped' to number three in the UK Singles Chart in 1984 with their hit "We all stand together"? Six Words in the group's name. For a bonus point; from which animated film was the song lifted?

2. Joseph and Katherine Jackson had ten children together, nine of whom grew up to become famous musicians. Name six of the ten (increase that to seven if you think this is too easy).

3. Although each song was totally different in lyrics and melody, which song title connects each of the following? 
    Pink Floyd, Leo Sayer, Queen and Drop Dead Gorgeous

4. An animal of the order Squamata often used in religious or mythological context, a recidivist felon in the Simpsons and the nickname of an American professional Wrestler, what? Five letters.

5. Which two women have each won 20 Wimbledon Championships? (singles, doubles and mixed)

6. Controversial general and the family responsible for a popular 'slight depression'. 4 letters

7. One Liners. We give you one line from a very famous hit from 1969. You have to give us the name of the song and the artist that
had a hit with that song in 1969 (So for songs earlier than 1969, we want to know who covered them and had hits in 1969):
   a. You never close your eyes any more
   b. across my big brass bed
   c. I have someone who needs me
   d. Attracts me like no other lover
   e. When Jesus washed He washed our sins away
   f. You're the only girl my heart beats for
   g. Where it began, I can't begin to knowing
   h. Just to let me down And mess me around
   i. You are my candy girl
   j. And his mama cries
   k. Don't go around tonight
   l. My daddy left home when I was three
   m. my head is spinnin' Like a whirlpool, it never ends
   n. And you've got me wanting you

8. In literature, who was the shadowy infamous character aboard the ill fated ship Demeter?

9. Michael Jackson filed US Patent 525 54 52 in 1993. It was for a method and means for creating what kind of illusion?

10. For each of the following spin-off TV shows, state the name of the original show:
    a: W*A*L*T*E*R
    b: Wildboyz
    c: Private Practice
    d: The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show
    e: Mork & Mindy
    f: Benson
    g: The Simpsons

11. There were seven children in The Sound Of Music. Can you name them. One point for each correct answer

12. Which two planets in our solar system spin in the opposite direction as the Earth?

13. Between 1793 and 1805, Messidor, Thermidor, Fructidor and Germinal were examples of what?

14. For which popular card game did Edmond Hoyle codify the rules in 1742? Five Letters.

15. The heraldic Anglo Saxon Fylfot Cross closely resembles which other cross which ironically means "well being"? 

16. Complete the title of the song sung by King Arthur in the musical Camelot?
      How to ...

17. In which sci-fi novel do all the women of child bearing age in a small town become pregnant at the same time?

18. Which European-born actress and P!ayboy model appeared in all of the following films?
    A Shot in the Dark (1964), The Prize (1965), The Oscar (1966), Deadlier than the male (1967), The Wrecking Crew (1969), Zeppellin (1971), Carry on behind (1975), and The Prisoner of Zenda (1979)

19. Machines:
    a: Which famous inventor once said "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration"?
    b: What glass-cleaning device did Mary Anderson invent in 1902?
    c: What is an Archimedes Screw used for?
    d: For the invention of which medical machine was Willem Einthoven awarded a Nobel Prize in 1924?
    e: Which household machine was first marketed under the name "Thor" in Chicago in 1907?
    f: What sort of machines were sold by "Our man in Havana"?

20. What necessary item never appeared in officially issued photographs of US President F. D. Roosevelt during World War II?


1. Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus - It was from the 1984 animated film "Rupert and the Frog Song", also written and produced by Paul McCartney

2. They are, in order of oldest first:
    Maureen Reilette "Rebbie" Jackson
    Sigmund "Jackie" Jackson
    Toriano "Tito" Jackson
    Jermaine LaJaune Jackson
    La Toya Jackson
    Marlon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson (died at birth)
    Michael Jackson
    Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    (Joseph has an illegitimate daughter, Joh'Vonnie Jackson, born in 1974 - not accepted as an answer)

3. The Show Must Go On

4. Snake (Snake Jailbird is the recurring Simpsons character seen either being sent to or escaping from Jail. Jake "The Snake"
Roberts is the American Wrestler)

5. Billie Jean Moffit King and Martina Navratilova

6. Haig. Douglas Haig WWI general and Haig distillers producers of Haig Dimple whisky

7. Answers:
   a. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - Dionne Warwick (The Righteous Brothers, 1965)
   b. Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
   c. For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder
   d. Something - The Beatles
   e. Oh Happy Day - The Edwin Hawkins Singers
   f. My Cheri Amour - Stevie Wonder
   g. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
   h. Build Me Up, Buttercup - The Foundations
   i. Sugar, Sugar - The Archies
   j. In The Ghetto - Elvis Presley
   k. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
   l. A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash
   m. Dizzy -Tommy Roe
   n. Sugar, Sugar - The Archies

8. Dracula (Bram Stocker's Dracula)

9. His anti-gravity lean - where Jackson and dancers lean forward a seemingly impossible distance (illusion created by special pegs that rise from the stage into special shoes at an appropriate moment in the act to stabilise them)

10. Answers:
    a: M*A*S*H
    b: Jackass
    c: Grey's Anatomy
    d: The Flintstones
    e: Happy Days
    f: Soap
    g: The Tracey Ullman Show

11. Gretl, Marta, Brigitta, Kurt, Louisa, Friedrich and Liesl.

12. Venus and Uranus

13. Months in the French Republican calendar. After the revolution the names were changed for about 12 years.

14. Whist

15. Swastika

16. How to handle a woman

17. The Midwich Cuckoos (John Wyndham)

18. Elke Sommer

19. Answers:
    a: Thomas Alva Edison
    b: The windscreen wiper
    c: Raising water
    d: The Electrocardiograph
    e: The washing machine
    f: The vacuum cleaner

20. His wheelchair


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