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1. Hollywoods top grossing star in the depression years is also found on the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Who is it?

2. What is the number of the room feared in the book 1984?

3. Which city with more than 1,000,000 inhabitants is the most remote? Remote in the sense that the next closest city with more than 1,000,000 inhabitants is 2,153 km away.

4. Who once caused controversy by touching the Queen while she was on a walkabout?

5. In which US state would you find each of the following?
    a. the most northern point.
    b. the most southern point.
    c. the most eastern point.
    d. the most western point.

6. Founded 3,000 years ago in Persia, what is the oldest creedal religion in the world?

7. If a plea is entered for 'Autrefois convict' or 'Autrefois acquit' in court, in a nutshell why are the lawyers asking for the case to be dismissed?

8. In the Middle Ages, what was a Conroi?

9. One Liners. We give you a line from a famous song from the year 1967. You give us the artist and the title for a point each. In the event of a cover version, we want the artist that had a hit in 1967 with that song.
    a: Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
    b: You stood and you watched as My baby left town
    c: There beneath the blue suburban skies
    d: You can hear the sounds of lovers in love
    e: While I'm far away from you my baby
    f: My shaving razor's cold and it stings
    g: Disappointment haunted all my dreams
    h: You're just too good to be true
    i: Anyone who sees her Soon forget the Mona Lisa
    j: Swingin' down the street so fancy-free

10. The Chaco war between Paraguay and Bolivia (1932-1934) erupted due to a minor sticky little dispute over what?

11. In which novel do two countries go to war over how to open a boiled egg?

12. Where does the fictional character Mr Ratchett (also known as Cassetti) die?

13. The Toyota MR2 had to change its name in which European country?

14. What kind of 'ville' describes a slum in many parts of Africa?

15. Which actor would you find in all of the following films or TV productions?
    a. I, Claudius
    b. Excalibur
    c. Dune
    d. Robin Hood, Men in Tights

16. For which 1985 film set in the Amish community was Harrison Ford nominated for an Oscar?

17. Plus or minus 2 million, roughly how many horses, mules and donkeys were killed on the battlefields of Europe in World War I ?

18. The Marquis of Queensberry is remembered both for his influence on boxing, and for his involvement in the imprisonment of which

19. Horses
    a. What was the only British top 10 hit for the group America?
    b. Which pop stars debut album featured him naked on a white winged horse?
    c. Which album by the doors features the track Horse Latitudes?
    d. What was the only hit for the group Horse in 1990?
    e. What was David Christies top 10 hit of 1982?
    f. Which TV series gave Jackie Lee a top 10 hit in 1968?
    g. What was the Osmonds first top 10 hit?
    h. With which 90's group was Mark Linkous the main songwriter?

20. The American Film Institute has a list of the 100 Greatest Male Stars. Take a guess, name the top 5.


1. Shirley Temple

2. Room 101

3. Auckland, New Zealand

4. Paul Keating (Australia)

5. a. Alaska, b. Hawaii, c. Alaska, d. Alaska

6. Zoroastrianism

7. The defendant has been previously acquitted or convicted of the same offence

8. A group of knights.

9. Answers:
    a: Up, Up and Away - The Fifth Dimension
    b: Winchester Cathedral - The New Vaudeville Band
    c: Penny Lane - The Beatles
    d: There's A Kind Of Hush - Hermans' Hermits
    e: Dedicated To The One I Love - The Mamas & The Papas
    f: Daydream Believer - The Monkees
    g: I'm A Believer - The Monkees
    h: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Franki Valli & The Four Seasons
    i: Portrait Of My Love - The Tokens
    j: Georgy Girl - The Seekers

10. A postage stamp

11. Gulliver's Travels

12. On the Orient Express. (Murder on the Orient Express)

13. In France. MR2 sounds like merdeux or merde, which is kaka. Name was changed to Coupe MR.

14. Bidonville

15. Patrick Stewart

16. Witness

17. 8,000,000

18. Oscar Wilde

19. Eight Answers
    a. Horse with no name
    b. Prince
    c. Strange Days
    d. Careful
    e. Saddle Up
    f. White Horses
    g. Crazy Horses
    h. Sparklehorse

20. Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Marlon Brando and Fred Astaire


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