Pub Quiz 106

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1. Winter Sports:
    a: Which skier won America's first ever Alpine skiing title at the Olympic Games?
    b: What nationality is the slalom champion Ingemar Stenmark?
    c: For which James Bond movie was a parachute ski-jump filmed from the summit of Canada's Mount Asgard?
    d: From which language did English adopt the word 'Ski'?
    e: What nationality was the competitor who commented: "We may not be the greatest at winning Winter Olympics but at least we can carry our bloody flag properly"?

2. The last four stars on the Stars and Stripes were all added in the last century. Which states did they represent?

3. The stained glass windows in which French cathedral produce a unique colour of blue?

4. The Taj Mahal. Taj means 'crown'. What does Mahal mean?

5. Nellie Bly went around the world from New York to New York in record time in 1889. Plus or minus 10 days, how long did it take?

6. Complete the names of the following Bond girls.
    a. Tiffany
    b. Honey
    c. Kissy
    d. Wai
    e. Mary

7. Salvador de Bahia was the first capital of which country?

8. The Cutty Sark gives it's name to a brand of whisky. Which way is the ship sailing on the label, to the left or to right?

9. On which Caribbean island did Mont Pelee erupt in May 1902, killing all but one of the inhabitants of the town of St. Pierre?

10. What was unusual about the presence of Pope Formosus at his own trial in January 897?

11. Where is the 'Canyon of Heroes'?

12. Which tennis player became the youngest Wimbledon semi-finalist for 99 years in 1986?

13. In which sci-fi films would you find the following doctors?
    a. Dr. Heywood R Floyd
    b. Dr. Zia
    c. Dr. John Hammond
    d. Dr. Peter Silberman

14. A popular festival in India is called Naga Panchami. What is it in honour of?

15. In which book or film would you find the well travelled philanthropist Abel Magwitch?

16. If you allow for inflation what is the highest grossing movie of all time?

17. Who, in the 1980s, became the first cricketer since WG Grace to have their portrait commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery?

18. What is the federal capital of French Guiana which gives its name to a kind of spice?

19. Wines:
    a: What colour are most of the wines from France's Anjou region?
    b: Which red wine is drunk when young and is called 'nouveau'?
    c: In which area of Italy is Chianti Classico produced?
    d: Which country does Sukhindol wine come from?
    e: In which wine-growing country is Casablanca Valley?

20. What did George V ban in his household to encourage others to do the same, and help the war effort?

21. Who was christened Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaello Guglielmi?

22. One liners. We give you one line of a song from the year 1974. We need the name of the song for one point and the artist that had a hit with that song in that year.
    a: We've known each other since we were nine or ten
    b: My love, I'll never find the words, my love
    c: Stuck inside these four walls Sent inside forever
    d: I woke up this morning and realized what I had done
    e: Like the mountains in springtime
    f: You walked out of my dreams and into my arms
    g: Such a feelin's comin' over me
    h: If I could make a wish I think I'd pass
    i: You can't plant me in your penthouse I'm going back to my plough
    j: Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way


1. Five Answers
    a: Bill Johnson - in 1984 with a new Olympic speed record;
    b: Swedish;
    c: The spy who loved me;
    d: Norwegian;
    e: British, Squadron Leader Mike Freeman, bobsleigher and flag bearer at the 1972 Winter Olympics

2. Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona and New Mexico.

3. Chartes. Chartes Blue.

4. Palace

5. 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes.

6. Five answers
    a. Case
    b. Ryder
    c. Suzuki
    d. Lin
    e. Goodnight

7. Brazil

8. To the right

9. The island of Martinique

10. He was dead.

11. New York City. Lower Broadway, where the ticker tape parades are held.

12. Gabriella Sabatini

13. Four answers
    a. 2001 or 2010
    b. Planet of the Apes
    c. Jurassic Park
    d. Terminator 

14. Snakes. From the Sanskrit naga. Nag means snake (usually cobra) in India. 

15. Great Expectations

16. Gone with the wind (?2 billion allowing for inflation)

17. Ian Botham

18. Cayenne

19. Five answers
    a: Rose
    b: Beaujolais
    c: Tuscany
    d: Bulgaria
    e: Chile

20. Alcohol

21. Rudolph Valentino

22. Ten Answers
    a: Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks
    b: You Make Me Feel Brand New - Stylistics
    c: Band On The Run - Paul McCartney & Wings
    d: Most Beautiful Girl - Charlie Rich
    e: Annie's Song - John Denver
    f: You're Sixteen - Ringo Starr
    g: Top Of The World - Carpenters
    h: Air That I Breathe - Hollies
    i: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
    j: Waterloo - Abba


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