Pub Quiz 123

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1. According to legend which famous stories were told each night by a Queen to her King in order to avoid execution the next morning?

2. Who sang the theme song for each of the following films?
    a: SHAFT (1971)
    b: Tomorrow Never Dies
    c: The Longest Day

3. World symbols:
    a: Which bird is the national symbol of France
    b: Which Greek goddess had an owl as her emblem?
    c: Which of the world's national airlines is known by three consecutive letters of the alphabet?
    d: What is the most common colour on the fields of American state flags?
    e: By what symbol was Sir Percy Blakeney known throughout revolutionary France?

4. Which planet did the Mariner spacecraft explore?

5. What is the terpsichorean art?

6. Thomas Edison suffered from scotophobia. What is scotophobia (and why is this ironic)?

7. Homosapiens. What does 'sapiens' mean?

8. "Bridegroom", "butterfly", "twins", "little ears" and "strangle the priest" are all translations for which types of food?

9. Which two politicians led the British coalition government during the First World War?

10. Which French painter, along with Monet, is said to have fathered impressionism?

11. What was the title of T.H. White's 1958 novel about Arthurian legend?

12. What is bottled in JEROBOAMS?

13. Complete the title of each of the following Paul McCartney albums with one word.
    a. Wild
    b. Red Rose
    c. Venus and
    d. London
    e. Flaming
    f. Paul Is

14. What are the six ranges of the human voice, applicable especially to singers.

15. In modern physics Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Bottom (or Beauty) and Top(or Truth) are collectively called what?

16. A popular currency and the east wind in ancient Greece. One word

17. In which 7 countries is Portuguese the official language? (not one of the official languages)

18. Which Agatha Christie thriller took its title from a line in a poem by Tennyson?

19. In which Strait did the pride of the Royal Navy HMS Hood sink?

20. Which old French word meaning 'Orient' once referred to the Mediterranean lands east of Italy which now include modern day Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria and parts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq? Six letters

21. Name the four British players to win the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles during the twentieth century

22. Which two native Americans led the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at Little Bighorn and defeated American General Custer?


1. 1001 Nights

2. Three answers
    a: Isaac Hayes
    b: Sheryl Crow
    c: Paul Anka

3. Five Answers
    a: The cock
    b: Athena, the goddess of wisdom
    c: KLM - the Dutch national airline
    d: Blue
    e: The Scarlet Pimpernel

4. Venus

5. Dance

6. Fear of the darkness (he invented the lightbulb later in life).

7. Intelligent, wise or rational.

8. Italian pasta. Zito means bridegroom, Farfalle is derived from butterfly, Gemelli means twins, Orecchiette means little ears and Strozzapreti means strangle the priest.

9. Herbert Asquith and David Lloyd George

10. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

11. The Once and Future King

12. Champagne

13. Six answers
    a. Wild Life
    b. Red Rose Speedway
    c. Venus and Mars
    d. London Town
    e. Flaming Pie
    f. Paul Is Live

14. Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto or alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass

15. Flavors / Varieties of Quarks

16. Euros

17. Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe.

18. The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side - from The Lady of Shalott. The novel is called The Mirror Crack'd

19. Denmark Strait

20. Levant

21. Reginald Doherty, Arthur Gore, Lawrence Doherty, Fred Perry

22. Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse


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