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1. According to the US postal service and the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Commitee, what kind of person shall not be honoured on a US postal stamp?

2. Onychophagia is a common habit particularly for many near the end of a sporting event. What is Onychophagia?

3. What was John Steinbeck's travelling companion Charley?

4. In film, the inventive Major Boothroyd is simply known under which other name?

5. For some beginners, Pratt, Shelby and Windsor can be confusing examples of what?

6. In which books or films would you find the following 'lands'?
    a. Sandleford
    b. Houyhnhnms
    c. Bacteria
    d. Calormen
    e. Isla de Muerta
    f. Vulgaria
    g. The Duchy of Grand Fenwick

7. What colour stick does a manicurist use?

8. Which actor has been nominated twice for an Academy Award for playing a US President?

9. Other than English, what are the six most spoken languages in Australia?

10. George Jung and David Tsung are both credited with the invention of which after dinner success?

11. Rex Harrison's son Noel, Edward Woodward, Alison Moyet, Sting, Terry Hall, Petula Clark, Jose Feliciano, Vanilla Fudge and the Muppets have all covered which Academy Award winning song?

12. Which infamous warrior's title loosely translated meant Ocean Ruler?

13. In the TV series Star Trek, how many crew members were aboard Capt Kirk's USS Enterprise? Plus or minus 20.

14. The following words are from songs with 'S U N' somewhere in the title. Can you name the song?
    a. Quando para mucho mi amore
    b. And this house just ain't no home
    c. Mystic crystal revelation
    d. A cheap holiday in other peoples misery
    e. The tax mans taken all my dough
    f. I feel like this is the beginning though I've loved you for a million years
    g. Hello Mrs Jones how's your Bert's lumbago
    h. Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothin on me
    i. Every time I go for the mailbox gotta hold myself down
    j. But chilly chilly is the evening time
    k. It's gettin near dawn when lights close their tired eyes

15. Which former ward attendant in a psychiatric hospital wrote 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'?

16. Ira Hayes is one of the five struggling men in which famous photograph?

17. The name of which playful mammal stems from the Greek word for womb?

18. Named after shipwrecks and the bleached bones left on the shoreline by whalers in days gone by, the Skeleton Coast is still found today off which continent?

19. The following words in different languages all mean what?
    Gehve, Qahwa, Sourj, Koohii, Kape

20. Dreaming of sunshine (Eleven questions worth only one point each):
    a. Which city in Florida is home to Disneyworld?
    b. Where would you be holidaying if you flew into Arrecife airport?
    c. Which Indonesian tourist centre was rocked by a terrorist attack in 2002?
    d. Which resort on the southwest coast of India has become a destination of choice for European hippies and travellers?
    e. Where you would you be if you were holidaying on Oahu island?
    f. Tenerife and Fuerteventura are part of which island group?
    g. Which country singer created a theme park in Tennessee to boost the local economy, and what is it called?
    h. Which popular Thai island beginning with the letter 'P' was hit hard by the 2004 Tsunami?
    i. Lesbos, Skopelos, Chios, Porthos. Which of these is not a Greek Island?
    j. If you flew to The Bahamas, which airport would you most likely land at?
    k. The European resort of Split is on the coast of which sea?


1. A living person.

2. Nail biting

3. French Poodle

4. 'Q' (Bond films)

5. Necktie knots

6. Seven answers
    a. Watership Down
    b. Gullivers Travels
    c. The Great Dictator
    d. The Chronicles of Narnia
    e. The Pirates of the Caribbean
    f. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    g. The Mouse that Roared

7. An 'orange stick'.

8. Sir Anthony Hopkins. In Nixon and Amistad.

9. Italian, Vietnamese, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic and Mandarin.

10. The Fortune Cookie.

11. The Windmills of your Mind.

12. Genghis Khan

13. 428

14. Eleven answers
    a. Sun King (Beatles)
    b. Ain't no sunshine (Bill Withers)
    c. Aquarius Let the Sunshine In (The Fifth Dimension)
    d. Holidays in the Sun (Sex Pistols)
    e. Sunny Afternoon (Kinks)
    f. You are the Sunshine of my life (Stevie Wonder)
    g. Lazy Sunday (Small Faces)
    h. Sunshine Superman (Donavan)
    i. Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)
    j. Waterloo Sunset (Kinks)
    k. Sunshine of your love (Cream)

15. Ken Kesey

16. Raising the flag on Iwo Jima.

17. Dolphin. from delphy's "womb".

18. Africa. (off the coast of Namibia) 

19. Coffee.

20. Answers:
    a. Orlando
    b. Lanzarote
    c. Bali
    d. Goa
    e. Hawaii, US
    f. Canary Islands
    g. Dolly Parton; Dollywood
    h. Phuket
    i. Porthos (one of the Three Musketeers)
    j. Nassau
    k. Adriatic (Croatia)


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