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1. Wet Wet Wet had a number one hit in the UK charts with 'Love is all around'. Which prehistoric band was the first to make the song a hit?
2. The word for "unreasonably or illogically optimistic" stems from a fictional girl who played 'The Glad Game' when faced with life's difficulties. What is her name?
3. In which three countries in the world would one find the most Spanish speaking people?
4. Deux-Deux was an able assistant in which popular TV show?
5. Which solo performer was Time Magazine's first 'Man of the Year' in 1927, and to this day, still the youngest winner?
6. Name the three people with the initials B. M. that have stars for excellance in recording (music) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
7. The name of which 19th century Swiss hotel owner became a synonym for luxury, elegance, style and 'taste'?
8. Umami is one of the five what?
9. Dick Powell, Humphrey Bogart, James Garner, Elliot Gould and Robert Mitchum have all played which hard drinking character in film?
10. Can you name the last four clubs from outside of the top level of English football to reach the F.A. Cup final? One point for each correct answer.
11. Figaro, Arlene, World War Two, Bastet and Jonesy are all examples of what?
12. In which Bond film does Big Ben chime seven times at 6 pm, a signal that the British government has accepted SPECTRE's exorbitant ransom demands?
13. The following words are from songs with a country in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
    a. In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire ... hurricanes hardly happen
    b. Down the way where the nights are gay
    c. Miami Beach BOAC
    d. You'd see them wearing their baggies, Huarache sandals too.
    e. You're so sadly neglected and often ignored, a poor second to Belgium when going abroad
    f. And as for fortune and as for fame I never invited them in
    g. I'll ruin everything you are, I'll give you television, I'll give you eyes of blue.
    h. Take your lover by the hand, speak in tongues and understand
14. P&O Shipping. What do 'P' and 'O' stand for?
15. Which two present day NATO members have at one time withdrawn from the alliance?
16. Who was the only man to win a posthumous Academy Award for best actor? (not best supporting actor)
17. Name the six longest rivers in the world with a colour in their name. (Colours in the English language)
18. The five red crosses found on the flag of Georgia are said to have which religious significance?
19. The 'Impressionist' movement takes its name from the 1872 painting 'Impression, soleil levant' (Impression, Sunrise). Who painted it?
20. What is the opposite of the Lima syndrome?


1. The Troggs 

2. Pollyanna (Pollyannaism)
3. Mexico (111 million), Colombia (46 million) and the USA (45 million)
4. The Pink Panther Show. (Deux-Deux was the Inspectors sidekick)
5. Charles Lindbergh
6. Bob Marley, Barry Manilow and Bette Midler
7. Ritz
8. Tastes. The others are sweet, sour, bitter and salty.
9. Philip Marlowe
10. Cardiff City (2008), Millwall (2004), Sunderland (1992) and Queens Park Rangers (1982)
11. Cats. Figaro (Pinocchio) Arlene (Garfield) World War Two (Peanuts) Bastet (Eygptian cat goddess) Jonesy (Alien)
12. Thunderball
13. Eight answers
    a. The rain in Spain (My Fair Lady)
    b. Jamaica Farewell (Harry Belefonte)
    c. Back in the USSR (Beatles)
    d. Surfin USA (Beach Boys)
    e. Finland (Monty Python)
    f. Don't cry for me Argentina (Evita)
    g. China Girl (Bowie)
    h. French kissing in the USA (Debby Harry)
14. Peninsular and Oriental
15. France and Greece
16. Peter Finch (Network)
17. Yellow River (5,464 km), Red River (2,188 km), Orange River (2,092 km), Blue Nile (1,600 km), Green River (1,175 km) and White River (1,102 km)
18. The five holy wounds of Christ
19. Claude Monet
20. Stockholm syndrome. (Lima syndrome: Hostage takers sympathise with the hostages)


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