Pub Quiz 158

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1. Which Benedictine Monk made important contributions to the art of making Champagne?

2. What kind of loaf is literally 'Toni's bread'?

3. Which focal scientific word stems from the Latin for 'little nut'?

4. What is both a French wine region and a luxury American automobile?

5. Put the following in the correct order starting with the heaviest: a golf ball, a baseball, a cricket ball and a tennis ball

6. Which controversial musician single-handedly wrote the 1991 number one hit song 'Do The Bartman'?

7. Kalamata, Nyons, Lugano, Empeltre, Nicoise and Manzanilla are all tasty examples of what?

8. In which country were Grace Kelly films banned after April 18, 1956?

9. The name of which famous newspaper means both 'truth' and 'justice' when translated?

10. The following words are from songs with the word 'yellow' in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
    a. As we live a life of ease
    b. Electrical banana is gonna be a sudden craze
    c. So long boy you can take my place got my papers I've got my pay
    d. Mongrels who ain't got a penny, Sniffing for tidbits like you on the ground
    e. Dreamed I was an Eskimo
    f. Her eyes are bright as diamonds they sparkle like the dew
    g. Hey farmer farmer put away that DDT now
    h. Now the whole damn bus is cheering

11. Due to the large number of immigrants from Somalia found in Minneapolis, Minnesota, what is one of Australia's largest exports to this part of the USA?

12. Which American broke 3 track and field world records and tied a fourth within 45 minutes on May 25, 1935?

13. Who have been previously named 'The Detours' and 'The High Numbers'?

14. Which actor played the pilot in each of the following films?
    a. Dr. Strangelove
    b. Airport (the original)
    c. Flightplan
    d. The Spirit Of St Loius
    e. The Flight Of The Phoenix (1965)
    f. The Flight Of The Phoenix (2004)

15. In which football (soccer) competition do teams play for the 'Henri Delaunay Trophy'?

16. Which events made headlines around the world on the following dates?
    a. 28th June 1914
    b. 21st May 1927
    c. 12th April 1961
    d. 26th April 1986

17. Legend has it that the body of Alexander the Great was preserved in which liquid?

18. In the Sinead O'Conner/Prince song 'Nothing Compares 2 U', how long has it been "since you took your love away"?

19. 'Chicago Pile No. 1' was the first what in the world in 1942?

20. In film, Admiral Sir Miles Messervy is better known as what?


1. Dom Perignon

2. The Italian 'Pannetone'

3. Nucleus

4. Cadillac

5. Cricket ball (155.9-163g), Baseball (142-149g), Tennis ball (56-59.4g), Golf ball (45.93g)

6. Michael Jackson

7. Olives. (different kinds of olives)

8. Monaco. (after the official wedding, Prince Rainier III banned the screening of her films in Monaco)

9. Pravda

10. Eight answers
    a. Yellow Submarine
    b. Mellow Yellow
    c. Yellow River
    d. Good Bye Yellow Brick Road
    e. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
    f. The Yellow Rose Of Texas
    g. Big Yellow Taxi
    h. Tie A Yellow Ribbon

11. Camel meat

12. Jesse Owens

13. The Who. (the band 'The Who')

14. Six answers
    a. Slim Pickens
    b. Dean Martin
    c. Sean Bean
    d. Jimmy Stewart
    e. Jimmy Stewart
    f. Dennis Quaid

15. UEFA European Football Championship. (the 'EURO' championship)

16. Four answers
    a. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    b. Charles Lindbergh flies solo across the Atlantic
    c. Juri Gagarin is the first man in space
    d. Nuclear disaster in Chernobyl

17. Honey

18. "It's been 7 hours and 15 days"

19. Nuclear reactor (man-made reactor)

20. 'M' (in Bond films)


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