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1. The American Film Institute has a list of 'The 100 Greatest Male Stars of all Time'. In the top ten, two were born in England. Can you name them? One point for each correct answer.

2. Name the two stately homes which tourists visit the most in the USA?

3. Although India qualified for the football world cup in 1950, they refused to take part. Why?

4. Which resolute word has the most definitions in the English language?

5. The following are all examples of what?
    Tungi Banjo, Norman Conquest, Quim, Danger Fourpence, Hulk, Chiqui Arce, Adigun Salami, Heavens Chinyama and Mansour Boutabout.

6. Who sang the following 'official' football world cup songs?
    a. Un'estate italiana (1990)
    b. La Copa de la Vida (1998)
7. The hyoid bone is the only bone in the human body that is not articulated (attached) to any other bone. Where is the hyoid bone found?

8. Legend has it that when taking an oath Roman men would do what with their hands?

9. Which military accessory did Jacqueline Kennedy and designer Oleg Cassini bring back into fashion in the early 1960s?

10. The following words are from songs with a day of the week in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
    a. The silicon chip inside her head
    b. Do the five day drag once more
    c. Catch your dreams before they slip away
    d. How long must we sing this song
    e. It's seven o'clock and I want to rock, want to get a belly full of beer
    f. By a crystal blue Italian stream
    g. I can hear the soft breathing of the girl that I love
    h. They stop me from groovin, they bang on the wall
    i. The local rock group down the street is trying hard to learn their song
    j. Every other day of the week is fine yeah

11. The name of which very popular vegetable takes its name from the late Latin word for a single white pearl?

12. Which three countries have won the FIFA Women's World Cup?

13. The following planets are found in which films?
    a. LV-426
    b. Pandora
    c. Fhloston

14. What are the plastic horns popular at football matches in South Africa called?

15. Fierce, Milk, Brown, Collet's, Tiger, Sea and Blind are all examples of what?

16. Which actor has played Rameses II and King Mongkut?

17. The fastest computers in the world can now perform 1,000 trillion calculations per second, also known as 'Floating Point Operations Per Second'. What is the acronym for 'Floating Point Operations Per Second'?

18. Bad boys at the football world cup.
    a. Which country has had the most players sent off since the inception of the football world cup? (10 in total)
    b. In a match between which two countries were a record four red cards shown during the 2006 football world cup?

19. Fescue, Rye, Bermuda, Buffalo, St. Augustine, Bahia and Zoysia are all examples of what?

20. Some football world cup songs are just inappropriate. For example, the England squad and Magnum Brass with 'Here we are, Here we are'. In which year was this football ditty not a hit?


1. Cary Grant (no. 2) and Charlie Chaplin (no. 10)
2. The White House and Graceland
3. The Indian players were not allowed to play their matches barefoot.
4. Set. (circa 464 definitions)
5. Names of professional football (soccer) players
6. Two answers
    a. Gianna Nannini
    b. Ricky Martin
7. Throat
8. Hold their testicles
9. Pillbox hat
10. Ten answers
    a. I Don't Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats)
    b. Friday On My Mind (The Easybeats)
    c. Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)
    d. Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)
    e. Saturday Nights All Right (For Fighting) (Elton John)
    f. Manic Monday (The Bangles)
    g. Wednesday Morning 3 AM (Simon and Garfunkel)
    h. Lazy Sunday (The Small Faces)
    i. Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkees)
    j. Monday Monday (Mamas and the Papas)
11. Onion. (Latin 'unio')
12. USA (1991, 1999), Germany (2003, 2007) and Norway (1995)
13. Three answers
    a. Alien or Aliens
    b. Avatar
    c. The Fifth Element
14. Vuvuzela. (or Lepatata)
15. Snakes
16. Yul Brynner. (in 'The Ten Commandments' and 'The King and I')
17. FLOPS. (1,000 trillion calculations per second equals 1 Petaflop)
18. Two answers
    a. Argentina
    b. Portugal vs Holland
19. Grass. (Different types of grass)
20. 1974. (Another year England failed to qualify)


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