Pub Quiz 178

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1. In which countries would you find the following cities?
    a. Cayenne 
    b. Tabasco 
    c. Whiskeytown 
    d. Gin Gin

2. Opened on the 27th of April 1828 and still open today, in which city was the world's first scientific zoo located?  

3. What was the name of the boy in 'About a boy' who accidently kills a duck with a loaf of his mothers homemade bread?  

4. What do the following places ALL have in common:
The former countries of Northern & Southern Rhodesia, the Philippines, El Salvador, Mauritius, Ormskirk in the UK and Cochrane in Chile?  

5. Since 1572, which countries flag is the oldest tricolour flag in the world?  

6. Which popular quid pro quo economic expression today once meant smuggling?  

7. Which fictional character(s) lives at each of the following addresses?
    a. Cemetary Ridge
    b. Danemead, High Street, St. Mary Mead
    c. 124 Conch Street
    d. 4 Privet Drive
    e. Apt. 56b, Whitehaven Mansions, Sandhurst Sq., London.
    f. 633 Stagtrail Rd. N. Caldwell
    g. 32 Windsor Gardens, London  

8. What is the name of the forboding island in King Kong?  

9. "Samhain", literally means "end of summer" and is a Gaelic language word. What is it's direct English equivalent?  

10. Matilda of Flanders was the wife of which King of England, bearing him a grand total of eleven children, including two kings?  

11. What was the name of the beguiling gypsy dancer in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?  

12. A green gelatinous substance known as calipee is used to make which favorite amongst gastronomes?  

13. Franz von Werra was apparently the only German to do what?  

14. Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon orbit which large object?  

15. The first book featuring English author A. A. Milne's fictional bear Winnie-the-Pooh was first published in which year?
    a: 1906
    b: 1916
    c: 1926
    d: 1936  

16. Sticking with the theme of Winnie-the-Pooh, what was the name of author A. A. Milne's son (Full name please)?  

17. Who sang the following dance songs?
    a. The Safety Dance
    b. I can't dance
    c. I don't wanna dance
    d. Dancing with myself
    e. You should be dancing
    f. Rhythm is a dancer
    g. Cosmic Dancer  

18. The Scoville scale, which is quoted as a number from 0 to 16,000,000 SHU, is a mesurement of what?  

19. Which worry prone film character is fluent in more than 6,000,000 forms of communication?

20. Once upon a time in America (circa 1900), which extremely expensive edible product, known then as 'Albany beef', was sold for a penny a pound and was often used in saloons like salty beer nuts today ?


1. Four Answers:
    a. French Guyana 
    b. Mexico 
    c. USA 
    d. Australia

2. London

3. Marcus

4. They were all named after people; 
    Cecil Rhodes (N+S Rhodesia), Philip II of Spain (Philippines), "The Saviour", Jesus (El Salvador), Maurice of Nassau (Mauritius), Orme, a Viking chief (Ormskirk, UK), Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (Cochrane, Chile)

5. The Tricolour of the Netherlands

6. 'Fair Trade'

7. Seven answers 
    a. Addams Family
    b. Miss Marple
    c. Sponge Bob Square Pants
    d. The Dursley Family
    e. Hercule Poirot
    f. The Sopranos
    g. Paddington Bear

8. Skull Island

9. November

10. William the Conqueror (William I of England / Guillaume II de Normandie)

11. Esmeralda

12. Turtle soup. Calipee is found beneath the lower shell of the Green Turtle

13. Escape from a prisoner of war camp in WWII. 'The one that got away'

14. Uranus

15. c: 1926

16. Christopher Robin Milne

17. Seven answers
    a. Men without hats
    b. Genesis
    c. Eddy Grant
    d. Billy Idol
    e. Bee Gees
    f. SNAP
    g. T Rex

18. Spicy heat (or piquance) of a chili pepper. (Scoville Heat Units)

19. C3PO, Star Wars

20. Caviar (In fact it was often added to the beer to create an 'Albany beer')


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