Pub Quiz 18

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1. In which Dickens novel does Little Nell appear?

2. Name Harry Potters non magical cousin?

3. Which real person took name meaning Man of Steel?

4. What are woolly and spider types of?

5. Where do boy scout leaders get their names from?

6. Where would you find a Mott Bailey and Keep?

7. In what country was fashion designer Yves St Laurent born?

8. What common British river name come from Celtic for river?

9. Jane Austen is famous but who reigned Britain when she wrote?

10. What composer was the there of the 1947 film Song of Love?

11. Who is known as The father of Poetry?

12. Who was the first US president to be sworn in by a woman?

13. Who sometimes used the pseudonym Al Brown?

14. What does Monaco get most of its income from?

15. Professor Kelp transformed into who?

16. What is the commonest item traded internationally?

17. Lake Tittikaka is in Peru and what other country?

18. Who was the first British monarch to visit America?

19. Collective nouns - A nye of what?

20. Where was the Hesperus wrecked?


1. The Old Curiosity Shop

2. Dudley

3. Joseph Stalin

4. Monkey

5. The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling

6. A Castle

7. Algeria

8. Avon

9. George III

10. Johannes Brahms

11. Homer

12. Lyndon B Johnson when JFK was killed

13. Alphonse Capone

14. Gambling Casinos etc

15. Buddy Love Jerry Lewis - Nutty Professor

16. Petroleum and its by products

17. Bolivia

18. George VI in 1939

19. Pheasants

20. Massachusetts Normans Woe Glos


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