Pub Quiz 21

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1. Yoi, Yame, Seremade and Hantai terms in what sport?

2. Africa's four great rivers Nile, Congo Zambezi and what?

3. Catriona was a sequel to which famous novel?

4. Who sang the original version of Blue Suede Shoes?

5. What kind of material is guipure?

6. In the Bible who climbed Mount Nebo?

7. Unusual role Bogart play in The Return of Doctor X 1939?

8. In Norway what is a brisling?

9. Who composed the Symphonies Fantastique?

10. Mediolanum was the Roman name for what Italian city?

11. Which British city had the first pavements (sidewalks) in 1688?

12. What is considered to be the worlds fastest team game?

13. What song did Marilyn Munroe sing in the film Bus Stop?

14. Which English King was the first to use the Royal We?

15. The locals call it Shqiperia what do we call this country?

16. Cheval-vapeur in France is equal to what in English?

17. The author of Moll Flanders wrote which more famous work?

18. On the Beaufort scale what is defined as force 11?

19. The Spink standard catalogue lists information about what?

20. If you suffer from diplopia what have you got?


1. Karate

2. Niger

3. Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson

4. Carl Perkins

5. Lace

6. Moses to see promised land

7. A Vampire

8. A Sprat

9. Hector Berlioz

10. Milan

11. Edinburgh, in High St and Cowgate

12. Ice Hockey

13. That Old Black Magic

14. Richard the Lionheart

15. Albania

16. Horse power

17. Robinson Crusoe

18. A Storm

19. Coins

20. Double vision


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