Pub Quiz 29

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1. Schubert's fourth symphony is nicknamed the what?

2. Where could you have a kip - then spend it?

3. What is a corduroy road made from?

4. In 18th century England what was known as Old Tom?

5. In Goldfinger name the actress painted gold?

6. In 1949 what was introduced to cars for the first time?

7. Who was the father of Alexander the Great?

8. The Italian Chianina is recognises as being the oldest what?

9. Which country makes the most films per year?

10. In what Puccini opera does Scarpia appear?

11. Who wrote Travels with a Donkey on his honeymoon?

12. The araucaria has what more common name?

13. Who was Douglas Elton Ullman better known as?

14. In what does a steganographer write messages?

15. Charles Duff wrote the macabre Handbook of what?

16. In The Dukes of Hazard who was the sheriff?

17. What would you do with a hecklephone?

18. In the famous song my true love sent me nine what?

19. What is or was a Portuguese moidore?

20. Yorick in Shakespeare's Hamlet had what job (when alive)?


1. Tragic

2. Laos its currency

3. Logs laid down on swampy ground

4. Gin

5. Shirley Eaton

6. The Ignition key

7. Philip II of Macedon

8. Breed of Cattle

9. India

10. Tosca

11. Robert Louis Stevenson

12. The Monkey Puzzle tree

13. Douglas Fairbanks Senior

14. Invisible ink

15. Hanging

16. Roscoe P Coltrane

17. Play it - type of woodwind

18. Drummers drumming

19. A Gold Coin

20. Jester


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