Mammoth General Knowledge Quiz 2

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1. What bay does the Golden Gate Strait lead into?

2. How did Carole Lomabard die?

3. What theory did John T Scopes teach, contrary to Tennessee law in 1925?

4. What beautiful youth pined for the love of his reflection?

5. What do frogs have in their mouth that toads don?t?

6. What Sinatra hit did he ?dooby dooby do? in?

7. Who was the first British prime minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth II?

8. How many zero?s are there in a British Billion?

9. What river is Gateshead on?

10. Who wrote Catch 22?

11. What sort of fruit is a Laxton's Superb?

12. Bagpuss sits in whose shop window?

13. In the rhyme about magpies, one is for sorrow; two is for joy, what are 6 for?

14. Which Strait separates Sri Lanka from India?

15. Who was obsessed with killing Moby Dick?

16. Glyndebaume Opera house is in which county?

17. What appeared in the Times for the first time in Sept 1860?

18. What does vernal mean?

19. Who created the detective Phillip Marlowe?

20. What was Billy the Kid's REAL name?

21. At the start of a game of draughts, how many squares are not covered by pieces?

22. What are the international vehicle registration letters for Gibraltar?

23. In the show ?The Music Man? how many cornets followed the trombones in the ?big parade??

24. On which river does Durham stand?

25. What name is given to agriculture in a soiless environment?

26. Who was the infamous resident of 10 Rillington Place?

27. Which Tennis Player has been sued by his own fan club?

28. The Wattle is official symbol of which country?

29. The term Vortage is used in which sport?

30. The Dusenberg motor car comes from which country?

31. Who was the founder of Singapore?

32. What is the county town of Powys in Wales?

33. Who became the first secretary General of the UN in 1945?

34. Egyptian Pharaohs carry 2 items to signify power, name either?

35. What is the hobby of a campanologist?

36. Who was the last Aztec ruler of Mexico?

37. Which Irish Dramatist wrote Juno and the Paycock?

38. What was the real name of the Red Baron?

39. Who discovered the source of the river Nile?

40. Which scientist famous wrote his notes in a mirror to avoid detection?

41. Morel shitake and oyster are types of which food?

42. In 1974, which county was created out of parts of Durham and Yorkshire?

43. On which program did Peter Fenn use to appear as the shows organist?

44. How was Burl Ivanhoe better known?

45. Which building has the largest telephone switchboard in the world?

46. Who was the Liberal Democrat candidate for the London Mayor election?

47. Hampton House in Belfast, 3 Northgate in Glasgow, India Buildings in Newport and Aragon Court in Peterborough, what is the connection between these addresses?

48. Which tropical disease was named after a Nigerian village where it was first reported in the 1960s?

49. Who "got on his bike and looked for work"?

50. Which shipping forecast area has a name meaning literally end of the earth?


1. San Francisco Bay

2. In a plane crash

3. Evolution

4. Narcissus

5. Teeth

6. Strangers in the Night

7. Winston Churchill

8. 12

9. The Tyne

10. Jospeh Heller

11. Apple

12. Emily's

13. Gold

14. Palk Strait

15. Captain Ahab

16. E Sussex

17. Weather forecast

18. To do with Spring

19. Raymond Chandler

20. Henry Patrick McCarty

21. 40

22. GBZ

23. 110

24. Wear

25. Hydroponics

26. John Christie

27. Jimmy Connors

28. Australia

29. Skiiing

30. USA

31. Stamford Raffles

32. Llandrindod Wells

33. Trygvie Lie of Norway

34. A Crook or Flail

35. Bell Ringing

36. Montezuma II

37. William Pitt

38. Manfred Von Richthoffen

39. Sean O?Cassey

40. Leonardo Da Vinci

41. Mushroom

42. Cleveland

43. Sale Of The Century

44. Burl Ives

45. The Pentagon

46. Susan Kramer

47. All Offives Of The British Passport Agency

48. Lhassa

49. Norman Tebbitt's Father

50. Finisterre


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