Pauls Quiz 326

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1. The Deep Purple song 'Smoke on the Water' is about a concert in which Swiss city?

2. Arctic and Antarctic both stem from the Greek word 'arctos'. Arctos is the Greek word for which animal?

3. What is both a high standard in cooking and a ribbon once worn by knights of the highest order in France?

4. Which patron saint of sailors also has an unusual weather phenomenon named after him?

5. In which French city is there a sport venue with a French record capacity of 234,000 spectators?

6. Which 20th century existenialist painter shares the same name with a famous Elizabethan philosopher?

7. According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, how many British and Commonwealth soldiers died on November 11, 1918, the last day of World War I?
a. 3  b. 63  c. 863  d. 1,863

8.There is a popular curry dish known as Vindaloo. The word vindaloo stems from which language?

9. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is the strange central character in which book and film?

10. The name for which indoor game for two to four players is also old ryhming slang for 'drinks' and an 18th century English word for unlicensed beer houses?

11. Measured in metric tons per year, people in which five countries consume the most wine? One point for each correct answer.

12. Which insect stage is also the Latin word for ghost or mask?

13. What is a Rambutan?
a. South East Asian antelope
b. Traditional Malaysian knife
c. Tropical fruit
d. Mekong river taxi

14. What are the two most populated cities in Austria?

15. What is the name of the beetle (and the name given to a crew member on some military aircraft) that when threatened, releases toxic chemicals from its backside?

16. Which word coined by the psychologist Carl Jung was also an album title that reached number one in both the US and UK music charts in 1983?

17. Mistral, Oroshi, Pitaraq and Williwaw are all examples of what?

18. Name the two largest lakes in the world with an animal in its name. One point for each correct answer.

19. The coded message with the words "The long sobs of autumn's violins wounds my heart with a monotonous langour" are associated with which famous battle?

20. Which hit song mentions the deserts of Sudan, the gardens of Japan, the dock of Tiger Bay and the vineyards of Bordeaux?


1. Montreux

2. Bear

3. Cordon Bleu

4. St. Elmo (Saint Elmo's Fire)

5. Le Mans (Circuit de la Sarthe)

6. Francis Bacon

7. Answer c. 863

8. Portuguese. (from 'Carne de Vinha d' Alhos', meat, wine-vinegar and garlic)

9. Perfume

10. Tiddlywinks

11. Five answers. In order, France, Italy, USA, Germany and China.

12. Larva

13. Answer c. Tropical fruit

14. Two answers. Vienna and Graz

15. Bombardier

16. Synchronicity (The Police)

17. Winds

18. Two answers. Great Bear Lake and Reindeer Lake

19. D Day

20. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Ian Dury and the Blockheads)

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