Pauls Quiz 331

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1. What are the three components of the Freudian psyche? One point for each correct answer.

2. Which two number one hit singles in the UK music charts during the 1970s had the number 3 or the word 'three' somewhere in the song title? One point for each correct answer.

3. Which letter in the Greek alphabet means "very small amount"?

4. Gangnam, as in 'Gangnam Style', is an affluent district in which capital city?

5. In which Oscar winning film is there a Bichon Frise (a small dog breed) named "Precious"?

6. Which one of the following female first names stems from the Greek word for "peace" or "time of peace"?
a. Melissa  b. Dorothea  c. Sophia  d. Irene

7. A horse named Pilgrim is a central character in which 1998 film?

8. Where is the 'Pythagorean comma' found?

9. Name the all time top scorer in the UEFA Champions League from each of the following countries. One point for each correct answer.
a. Holland
b. France
c. Spain
d. Italy 

10. The sexy whip wielder Selina Kyle is better known under which alias?

11. With 880,000 square km, the Kara Sea is one of the largest seas in the world. The Kara sea is a part of which ocean?

12. The "War on Drugs". Which US President first declared a "war on drug abuse"?

13. Where did slaves known as 'Odalisques' live and work?

14. Based on world wide box office sales and adjusted for inflation, which 1939 film is the highest grossing film of all time?

15. On the bank of which river does the Portuguese capital of Lisbon stand?

16. At the beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad, the average life expectancy of a Red Army conscript was how long?
a. 1 hour  b. 1 day  c. 1 week  d. 1 month

17. Which appropriate name has been given to the basilisk lizard that has the ability to walk on water?

18. Places:
a: Which European country comes FIRST alphabetically?
b: Which European country comes LAST alphabetically? (Note: Wales still part of the United Kingdom)

19. The largest ship lost in WWI was the Titanic's sister ship HMHS Britannic after she hit a mine 21 November,1916. In which sea did she sink?
a. Baltic Sea  b. Red Sea  c. Aegean Sea  d. Irish Sea

20. If the definition of a skyscraper is a building over 150m, which four cities in the world have the most skycrapers? One point for each correct answer.

21. Canada is one of the only two French-speaking republics in the Americas. What is the other?

22. In 1990, which Irish singer became the first artist to refuse a Grammy award?


1. Three answers. Id (das Es), Ego (das Ich) and Superego (das Über-Ich)

2. Two answers. Knock Three Times (Tony Orlando and Dawn) and Three Times a Lady (Commodores)

3. Iota

4. Seoul

5. The Silence of the Lambs

6. d. Irene (from the Greek 'Eirene')

7. The Horse Whisperer

8. Sheet music

9. Four answers.
a. Rud van Nistelrooy (60)
b. Thierry Henry (51)
c. Raul (71)
d. Filippo Inzaghi (50)

10. Catwoman

11. Arctic Ocean

12. Richard Nixon

13. Harem

14. Gone With The Wind

15. The Tagus (Tejo, Tajo)

16. Answer b. 1 day

17. Jesus Lizard

18. Answers:
a: Albania
b: Vatican City

19. Answer c. Aegean Sea

20. Four answers. Hong Kong, New York, Dubai and Shanghai.

21. Haiti

22. Sinead O'Connor

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