Pauls Quiz 364

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1. The name for which treatment (or substance) is the Latin word for 'I shall please"?

2. The Duffle coat is named after the town Duffel. In which country is the town of Duffel located?
a. France  b. Holland  c. Belgium  d. Switzerland

3. Due to its acidic clouds, which planet reflects the most sunlight, thereby making it the brightest planet in our solar system?

4. Justin Henry was only 8 years old when he was Oscar nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Name the Oscar winning 1979 film in which he appeared.

5. What are the two most populated cities in South Korea? One point for each correct answer.

6. Which popular edible product probably takes its name from the Spanish harbour Port Mahon?

7. Bobby Moore was the youngest England football captain with 22 years and 47 days. Who was the second youngest captain with 22 years and 125 days?

8. Which two singers had a 1981 number one hit song in the US charts with the numbers 9 and 5 somewhere in the song title? One point for each correct answer.

9. In which Italian town was Leonardo da Vinci born?

10. What specifically connects the following countries: Luxembourg, Djibouti, San Marino and Singapore?

11. The Spanish word for 'dung' and the last name of a character in the film Dr. Strangelove. (five letters)

12. Our sun is 1,391,980 km in diameter. The largest known star is the red hypergiant Canis Majoris. Its diameter is what?
a. 3 million km  b. 30 million km  c. 300 million km  d. 3 billion km

13. The following line, spoken by the twin ghosts known as the Grady girls, is from which classic horror film?
"Come play with us Danny, forever, and ever and ever."

14. Which of the following rivers flows through the most German states?
a: Oder, b: Rhein, c: Elbe or d: Main

15. The 'cinq positions des pieds' are the basics of what?

16. What is the only African country in which atmospheric nuclear tests have been carried out?
a. Algeria  b. South Africa  c. Eritrea  d. Sudan

17. In which epic film does Laurence Olivier play an historical character whose title when translated means "the expected one" or "the rightly-guided one"?

18. What speed does the car in Back to the Future have to reach in order to travel in time? (mph)

19. Between which two cities is the busiest international border crossing in North America located?

20. Starbucks coffee was named after a character in which classic book?


1. Placebo

2. Answer c. Belgium

3. Venus

4. Kramer vs Kramer

5. Two answers. Seoul and Busan (formerly Pusan)

6. Mayonnaise

7. Michael Owen (England 4 Paraguay 0, 17 April, 2002)

8. Two answers. Dolly Parton (9 to 5) and Sheena Easton (Morning Train (9 to 5))

9. Vinci

10. The capital city is the same name as the country

11. Guano (Colonel Bat Guano)

12. Answer d. 3 billion km

13. The Shining

14. c: Elbe - through seven German states (Bundesländer)

15. Classical ballet

16. Answer a. Algeria (France tested nuclear weapons in the Sahara between 1960-1961)

17. Khartoum (Olivier plays the 'Mahdi')

18. 88 miles per hour

19. Detroit and Windsor Ontario (The Ambassador Bridge)

20. Moby Dick (after the name Pequod was rejected by some of the co-founders. The company was instead named after the chief mate on the Pequod, Starbuck)

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