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1. Meaning 'praised', what is the most common first name in the world?

2. The name of which liqueur with the year 1745 on the bottle means 'the drink that satisfies'?

3. Which very important part of the human body was named due to its similarity with a seahorse?

4. Which regal musician wrote the Bangles 1986 hit song 'Manic Monday' under the pseudonym "Christopher"?

5. The cocktail named 'Death in the Afternoon' is a combination of absinthe and champagne. 'Death in the Afternoon' is also the title of a book written by the inventor of this potent concoction. Name the writer.

6. As a means of saving coal, Germany was the first country to initiate 'daylight saving time'. Most European countries followed suit not long after. In which year  was this measure first introduced?
a. 1896  b. 1916  c. 1926  d. 1946 

7. Harry S Truman was the name of the local sheriff in which cult 1990s TV series? 

8. At which FIFA World Cup finals was the penalty shoot out format (after extra time) used for the first time?
a. West Germany 1974  b. Spain 1982  c. Mexico 1986  d. Italy 1990 

9. In November 2012, the Cray Titan was the fastest what in the world?

10. The following lyrics are all from songs with the word 'Lady' somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Your lips feel like winter, your skin has turned to white
b. Children at your feet, wonder how you manage to make ends meet
c. Mucca chocolata la ya ya
d. I can leave her on her own knowin she's ok alone and there's no messin
e. She gets too hungry for dinner at eight, she likes the theatre and never comes late
f. And now that we've come to the end of our rainbow 

11. Who did the following men assassinate? One point for each correct answer.
a. Mark David Chapman
b. Sirhan Sirhan
c. Gavrilo Princip 

12. According to United Nations estimates, how many shipwrecks are there on the ocean floors?
a. 30,000  b. 300,000  c. 3,000,000  d. 30,000,000 

13. Which painting method translated means "fresh" or "cool"?

14. Measured in area, what percentage of the land in the Netherlands lies below sea level?
a. 5%  b. 20%  c. 35%  d. 50% 

15. The culinary term 'a la Florentine' usually refers to a dish served with which vegetable?

16. Name the novel in which each of the following men are central characters. One point for each correct answer.
a. Edmond Dantes
b. Edward Fairfax Rochester
c. Oliver Mellors
d. Edward Cullen 

17. Which popular sport is played in the John Cain arena?

18. According to medieval literature, the Roman soldier Longinus smote which man with his lance?

19. The movie poster tag line for which 1967 film was "They're young....they're in love.... and they kill people"?

20. In Greek mythology, which famous pillars bore the inscription 'nec plus ultra', meaning "nothing further beyond"?


1. Muhammad

2. Drambuie (from the Scottish Gaelic 'dram buidheuch')

3. Hippocampus ('horse' + 'coiled')

4. Prince

5. Ernest Hemmingway

6. Answer b. 1916

7. Twin Peaks

8. Answer b. Spain 1982 (West Germany vs France, semi-final)

9. Supercomputer

10. Six answers.
a. Lady D'arbanville (Cat Stevens)
b. Lady Madonna (Beatles)
c. Lady Marmalade (Labelle)
d. She's a Lady (Tom Jones)
e. The Lady is a Tramp (Frank Sinatra)
f. Three Times a Lady (Commodores) 

11. Three answers.

a. John Lennon
b. Robert F Kennedy
c. Archduke Franz Ferdinand 

12. Answer c. 3,000,000

13. Fresco

14. Answer b. 20%

15. Spinach

16. Four answers.
a. The Count of Monte Cristo
b. Jane Eyre
c. Lady Chatterley's Lover
d. Breaking Dawn, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse. (Twilight Saga) 

17. Tennis (Australian Open)

18. Jesus Christ (the centurion Longinus was present at the crucifixion)

19. Bonnie and Clyde

20. Pillars of Hercules

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