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1. What kind of music style is mentioned in Petula Clark's song Downtown?

2. Which famous artist was often photographed with his pet ocelot and or walking his pet anteater?

3. What did the Incas refer to as 'the sweat of the sun'?

4. Built to last an eternity, which kind of building takes it's name from a middle eastern king who ruled in the third century B.C.?

5. Which 1958 Hollywood historical adventure film starred Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and Ernest Borgnine?

6. Which famous gift did the Tsar of Russia and his family first receive at Easter in 1885?

7. Urban agglomerations (integrated cities) excluded, which two cities in India have a population of 10 million or more? One point for each correct answer.

8. An arbalest was what kind of 12th century weapon?

9. Which five players are the all time leading goal scorers in the UEFA Champions League? One point for each correct answer.

10. The following lyrics are all from songs with the word "Dog" or "Dogs" somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. This ain't rock n roll, this is genocide
b. You ain't never caught a rabbitt
c. Old MacDonald made us work, but then he paid us for what it was worth
d. Leapfrog the dog and brush me daddy O 

11. More than 50% of the 35,000 Foreign Legionnaires who fought for France in Indo China after WWII came from which European country? 

12. What name, which in Arabic means "shaking off", was given to the Palestinian uprising against Israel between 1987 and 1993?

13. Anna Anderson was one of 30 women who claimed to be what?

14. What is the name of the secretion that surrounds the larvae of developing queen bees?

15. The 5,000 year old sacred city of Caral-Supe is the most ancient city in the Americas. In which country is it located?
a. Colombia  b. Canada  c. Mexico  d. Peru 

16. In Egyptian mythology, which god whose name begins with the letter 'A' has a human body and a jackal's head?

17. Until his death in 1840, which Italian, known as "the devil's violinist", was the most celebrated violin virtuoso in the world?

18. The following line is from which classic 1968 movie?
"I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." 

19. What did the Incas refer to as 'the tears of the moon'?

20. Translated, the name of which distilled beverage means "little water"?


1. Bossa nova ("just listen to the rhythm of the gentle bossa nova, you'll be dancing with them too before the night is over")

2. Salvador Dali

3. Gold

4. Mausoleum (from King Mausolos 377-353 B.C.)

5. The Vikings

6. Faberge eggs

7. Two answers. Mumbai (or Bombay 12 million), Delhi (11 million)

8. Crossbow

9. Five answers. Christiano Ronaldo (140 and counting), Lionel Messi (127 and counting), Robert Lewandowski (89 and counting), Karim Benzema (86 and counting), Raul (71)

10. Four answers.
a. Diamond Dogs (David Bowie)
b. Hound Dog (Elvis)
c. Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (Lobo)
d. Dog Eat Dog (Adam And The Ants) 

11. Germany

12. Intifada

13. Anastasia, youngest daughter of Tsar Nicolas II

14. Royal Jelly

15. Answer d. Peru

16. Anubis

17. Niccolo Paganini

18. 2001. A Space Odyssey

19. Silver

20. Vodka

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