Pauls Quiz 372

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1. Which of the following celestial belts is closest to the planet Earth?
a. Van Allen belt  b. Asteroid belt  c. Kuiper belt 

2. In Kenny Rogers hit song, what was the first name of the "Coward of the County"?
a. Billy  b. Donny  c. Tommy  d. Bobby 

3. Which island with French as one of its official languages is the fourth largest in the world?

4. What is the most abundant order of mammals?
a. rodents  b. primates  c. carnivores  d. marsupials 

5. In the long-established Faber-Castell system used to grade the hardness of pencils, which letter other than 'H' and 'B' is used?

6. Name the real life rock star/musician each of the following actors has portrayed in film. One point for each correct answer.
a. Gary Oldman
b. Val Kilmer
c. Dennis Quaid 

7. Measured in flying time, what was the average operational life expectancy of an Avro Lancaster bomber during WWII?
a. 40 hours  b. 40 days  c. 40 weeks  d. 40 months 

8. Which Asian country has the best record in the All-time FIFA World Cup league table? (3 pts for a win and 1 pt for a draw in all group and knock out stages since 1930)

9. True or False. There have been braille editions of Playboy magazine.

10. Which technique did Van Gogh use for his famous "Sunflowers" painting?
a. fresco  b. wash  c. tempera  d. impasto 

11. Plus or minus 1, in which year did the Soviet Luna 2 become the first man-made object to reach the surface of the moon?

12. Name the film in which Tom Cruise plays each of the following roles. One point for each correct answer.
a. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
b. Mitch McDeere
c. Ron Kovic
d. Captain Nathan Algren
e. Charlie Babbit 

13. Plus or minus one, in which year did Roald Amundsen become the first person to reach the South Pole?

14. Which American singer was affectionately known as 'Lady Day'?

15. The attack on Fort Sumter marked the beginning of which war?

16. Which strategically important strait links the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman?

17. Which American singer songwriter has an ancestral relationship with the author Herman Melville?

18. Due to his anti-communist politics, it is said that Josef Stalin contemplated the assassination of which Hollywood cowboy?
a. Roy Rogers  b. Gary Cooper  c. John Wayne  d. Henry Fonda 

19. In basketball, which player made the 'Skyhook' famous?

20. Which Billy Idol hit song was based on a 1960 French horror film?


1. Answer a. Van Allen belt

2. Answer c. Tommy

3. Madagascar

4. Answer a. rodents

5. F 

6. Three answers.
a. Sid Vicious (Sid and Nancy)
b. Jim Morrison (The Doors)
c. Jerry Lee Lewis (Great Balls of Fire) 

7. Answer a. 40 hours

8. South Korea 

9. True

10. Answer d. impasto

11. 1959 

12. Five answers.
a. Top Gun
b. The Firm
c. Born on the Fourth of July
d. The Last Samurai
e. Rain Man 

13. 1911

14. Billie Holiday

15. American Civil War

16. Strait of Hormuz (or Ormuz)

17. Moby

18. Answer c. John Wayne

19. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

20. Eyes Without A Face (Les yeux sans visage)

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