Pauls Quiz 342

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1. What is the well known five letter Latin word meaning "poison", "slimy liquid" or "sap of plants"?

2. The highest border point in the world separates which two countries?

3. According to legend, which 5,000 man strong Roman Legion disappeared in Caledonia?

4. Which three time winner of the title European Footballer of the Year and former FIFA World Player of the Year had to end his playing career early at the age of 28 due to injury?

5. Which flightless bird is named after the 'mother of gods' in Greek mythology?

6. Which two countries are located on the island Hispaniola?

7. The first televised presidential debates in the United States were between which two candidates?

8. Which island in the Florida Keys is also the title of a classic 1948 film noir movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall?

9. The international airport that serves Venice Italy is named after which famous Venetian?

10. The following lyrics are all from songs with the word "Stop" somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Other people stared as if we were both quite insane
b. I'm a racing car passing like Lady Godiva
c. Clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground
d. I've known of your, your secluded nights 

11. Due to the massive 1815 volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora, the year 1816 was known as the "Year without" what?

12. What does the acronym SONAR stand for?

13. Which country held their cabinet meeting underwater in October 2009 in order to draw world attention to rising sea levels?

14. Who is the only actor born in Australia to have won the Academy Award for Best Actor? 

15. What is a vaporetto in Venice?

16. Measured in area, what are the two smallest countries that have won the FIFA Football World Cup?

17. Between 1971 and 1974 Ringo Starr had seven consecutive top 10 hit singles in the US charts. Can you name four of them? One point for each correct answer.

18. The oldest known paved road in the world is in which country?
a. Italy  b. China  c. Egypt  d. Peru 

19. What was the movie poster tag line for
a. the 1982 film 'Poltergeist'
b. the 1986 film 'Poltergeist II' 

20. Plus or minus 25, how many people does 'The Bride' kill in Kill Bill: Vol. 1?


1. Virus

2. China and Nepal

3. The Ninth Legion

4. Marco van Basten

5. Rhea

6. Haiti and Dominican Republic

7. Richard M Nixon and John F Kennedy

8. Key Largo

9. Marco Polo

10. Four answers.
a. Bus Stop (Hollies)
b. Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
c. Who'll Stop The Rain (CCR)
d. Stop In The Name Of Love (Supremes) 

11. "Year without a summer"

12. Sound Navigation And Ranging

13. Maldives

14. Geoffrey Rush (Peter Finch was born in England, Russel Crowe was born in New Zealand)

15. Water bus

16. England (130,395 km2) and Uruguay (176,215 km2) Note: 3 time winner West Germany had 248,557 km2

17. Any four of the following seven top 10 hit singles: It Don't Come Easy (no 4), Back Off Boogaloo (no 9), Photograph (no 1), You're Sixteen (no 1), Oh My My (no 5), Only you (and you alone) (no 6), No No Song (no 3)

18. Answer c. Egypt

19. Two answers.
a. "They're here"
b. "They're back" 

20. 76

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