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1. Carfax Abbey was which fictional character's home away from home?

2. Which band leader was the first German to top the US music charts?

3. The name of which famous champion thorougbred racehorse in the late 1920s and early 1930s stems from the Thai word for "lightning"?

4. Which highly toxic chemical compound is sometimes described as smelling like bitter almond?

5. "The mission is a man." was the movie poster tag line to which epic war film?

6. What is the name of the largest and longest nerve in the human body?

7. Which comic book super hero who resides in Malibu is ranked number 5 on Forbes list of the richest 15 fictional characters?

8. The popular name given to which very well known 1877 piece of music is also something to eat with?

9. What are the four most populated cities in Asia that end with the letter 'i'? One point for each correct answer.

10. The following lyrics are all from songs with the word "Right" somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Now don't you wait or hesitate, let's move before they raise the parking rate
b. So you think your schooling's phoney, I guess it's hard not to agree
c. Daddy let your mind roll on
d. I was just about to say I love you

11. Built between 4,100 and 2,500 BC; quite possibly the oldest free standing structures in the world are found in which European country?
a. UK  b. Greece  c. France  d. Malta

12. In a famous match race, who did War Admiral lose to on November 1, 1938?

13. Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan were better known as what?

14. In and around which river delta did up to 500,000 people lose their lives due to a storm surge in November 1970?

15. Who had a cameo appearance as the Corsair pirate captain in 'The Return of the King'?

16. Which group of islands were known as the Danish West Indies until they were sold in 1916?

17. All Boys, Racing Club, Arsenal and Newell's Old Boys are all top flight football (soccer) clubs in which country?

18. The original album cover art work from which David Bowie album was taken off the market because it depicted genitalia?

19. What was the name of the chess playing computer that defeated reigning world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997?

20. Which 1985 Hollywood blockbuster and winner of seven Academy Awards was loosely based on the female central character's 1937 autobiography? 3 words

21. Which famous historical leader met his end in the Largo Argentina square?


1. Dracula

2. Bert Kaempfert (Wonderland by Night)

3. Phar Lap

4. Cyanide

5. Saving Private Ryan

6. Sciatic

7. Ironman (Tony Stark)

8. Chopsticks

9. Four answers. Shanghai, Karachi, Mumbai, Delhi

10. Four answers.
a. All Right Now (Free)
b. Boody Well Right (Supertramp)
c. Walk Right In (Rooftop Singers)
d. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Meatloaf)

11. Answer d. Malta (Megalithic Temples)

12. Seabiscuit

13. Milli Vanilli

14. Ganges (also known as Bengal Delta or the Sundarbans Delta)

15. Director Peter Jackson

16. US Virgin Islands

17. Argentina

18. Diamond Dogs

19. Deep Blue

20. Out of Africa

21. Julius Caesar

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