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1. Which hot and spicy brand name does one associate with Avery island?

2. Which large US city, located on the Ohio river, was named after a popular Roman statesman?

3. Which Latin expression meaning 'a scraped tablet' refers to the human mind in its primary state? (two words)

4. The smallest known reptiles are unique amongst reptiles because the make a chirping sound. What are these reptiles called?

5. The first battle between ironclad warships took place during which war?

6. In which US city is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

7. The names of four native North American Indian tribes begin with the letter 'C' and end with the letter 'w'. Cheraw is perhaps the lesser known of the four. Can you name the other three better known tribes? One point for each correct answer.

8. In the mid 1970s, which singer adopted the on stage persona 'The Thin White Duke'?

9. Robert Stroud, an American sentenced to life in prison and portrayed by Burt Lancaster in film, was given which nickname?

10. Which very popular invention was apparently inspired when the inventor, a Hungarian newspaper reporter, was watching children play marbles in the sand?


1. Tabasco Avery Island, Louisiana (historically French: Île Petite Anse) is a salt dome best known as the source of Tabasco sauce. Located in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, United States, it is about three miles (5 km) inland from Vermilion Bay, which in turn opens onto the Gulf of Mexico. A small human population lives on the island.

2. Cincinnati (after Cincinnatus) Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519–430 BC) was a Roman aristocrat and statesman whose service as consul in 460 BC and dictator in 458 BC and 439 BC made him a model of civic virtue. Cincinnatus was regarded by the Romans, especially the aristocratic patrician class, as one of the heroes of early Rome and as a model of Roman virtue and simplicity. He was a persistent opponent of the plebeians. When his son, Caeso Quinctius, was convicted and condemned to death, Cincinnatus was forced to live in humble circumstances, working on his own small farm, until an invasion caused him to be called to serve Rome as dictator, an office which he resigned two weeks later, after completing his task of defeating the rival tribes of the Aequians, Sabines, and Volscians. The towns of Cincinnato, in Lazio, Italy and Cincinnatus, New York and Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States, were named in his honor.

3. Tabula rasa Tabula rasa refers to the epistemological idea that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Proponents of tabula rasa generally disagree with the doctrine of Innatism which holds that the mind is born already in possession of certain knowledge. Generally, proponents of the tabula rasa theory also favor the "nurture" side of the nature versus nurture debate when it comes to aspects of one's personality, social and emotional behavior, knowledge and sapience.

4. Geckos

5. American Civil War (between the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor, Battle of Hampton Roads, March 8-9, 1862)

6. Cleveland Ohio The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a hall of fame and museum located on the shore of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was established on April 20, 1983, by Atlantic Records founder and chairman Ahmet Ertegun to recognize and archive the history of the best-known and most influential artists, producers, engineers, and other notable figures, who have each had some major influence on the development of rock and roll. In 1986, Cleveland was chosen as the hall of fame's permanent home. Since opening in September 1995, the "Rock Hall" – part of the city's redeveloped North Coast Harbor – has hosted more than 10 million visitors and had a cumulative economic impact estimated at more than $1.8 billion

7. Three answers. Choctaw, Chickasaw and Crow

8. David Bowie The Thin White Duke was David Bowie's 1976 persona and character, primarily identified with his album Station to Station (released that year) and mentioned by name in the title track, although Bowie had begun to adopt the 'Duke' persona during the preceding Young Americans tour and promotion. The persona's look and character are somewhat based on Thomas Jerome Newton, the titular humanoid alien played by Bowie in the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth.

9. The Birdman of Alcatraz Robert Franklin Stroud (1890 – 1963), known as the "Birdman of Alcatraz", was an American federal prisoner and author who has been cited as one of the United States' most notorious criminals. During his time at Leavenworth Penitentiary, he reared and sold birds and became a respected ornithologist, but because of regulations, he was not permitted to keep birds at Alcatraz, where he was incarcerated from 1942 to 1959. Stroud was never released from the Federal prison system.

10. Ball point pen or Biro László József Bíró (1899 – 1985) was the inventor of the modern ballpoint pen. While working as a journalist in Hungary, he noticed that the ink used in newspaper printing dried quickly, leaving the paper dry and smudge-free. He tried using the same ink in a fountain pen but found that it would not flow into the tip, as it was too viscous. Working with his brother György, a chemist, he developed a new tip consisting of a ball that was free to turn in a socket, and as it turned it would pick up ink from a cartridge and then roll to deposit it on the paper. Bíró patented the invention in Paris in 1938.

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