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1. Where is the tittle in tittle or the titulus in titulus located?

2. The Rialto bridge is a popular tourist attraction in which city?

3. A Greek goddess personified by the rainbow, a plant, and a colourful part of the human body. One word.

4. Alphabetically, which three men would be found last on a list of US Presidents?

5. What was made up of 4 or 5 balls at the end of the 19th Century, 8 balls during the Second World War in England and until 1979 in Australia, but is now made up of 6 worldwide?

6. The following Authors are known by which pen name?
a: Theodor Seuss Geisel
b: Stanley Martin Lieber
c: Eric Arthur Blair
d: Benjamin Franklin
e: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

7. What name has been given to the ancient army made from baked earth that was discovered in China?

8. Which two tennis players have won a record six or more French Open mens singles titles in the Open era (since 1968)? One point for each correct answer.

9. Amy Madison, Lavender Brown, Jadis of Charn, Aunt Clara, Bonnie Bennet and Penny Halliwell are all examples of what?

10. If you were travelling on a bearing of 336.25°, to which of the main 16 points of the compass would you be heading? Clue: A Cary Grant & James Mason movie

11. Muhammad Ali's professional boxing record was 56 wins, 5 losses, 0 draws. Name the five boxers who defeated Ali in the ring. One point for each correct answer.

12. What was the name of the longest ship in the world between 1858 and 1899?

13. From the Greek for 'all the devils', which uproarious name did 17th century English poet John Milton give to the capital city in Hell?

14. Who directed all of the following films?
Cocoon, Willow, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code

15. From brewing, dentistry and the E numbers used in food, the polymer obtained from red algae is wide spread in modern industry. What is the name of this gelatinous substance? First letter 'A'.

16. The Godfather in Mario Puzo's novel 'The Godfather' was born in which Italian village?

17. Name the five studio albums from The Rolling Stones that start with the letter 'B'. One point for each correct answer.

18. Pavlov's dog was the name of a famous experiment. Which animal added to the name Shrödinger's is also a famous experiment?

19. Vodka ia a diminutive of the Slavic word voda. What does Voda mean?

20. Which Australian cricketer famously used an aluminium bat in a test match against England in 1979?


1. Above the letter i. (a tittle or titulus is the dot above the i)

2. Venice

3. Iris

4. Wilson, Washington and Van Buren.

5. A cricket over

6. Answers
a: Dr. Seuss
b: Stan Lee (comic author)
c: George Orwell
d: Silence Dogood
e: Lewis Carroll

7. The Terracotta Army

8. Two answers. Björn Borg and Rafael Nadal.

9. Witches. Amy Madison (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Lavender Brown (Harry Potter), Jadis of Charn (Narnia), Aunt Clara (Bewitched), Bonnie Bennet (The Vampire Diaries), Penny Halliwell (Charmed)

10. North by Northwest

11. Five answers. Trevor Berbick (Dec 11, 1981), Larry Holmes (Oct 2, 1980), Leon Spinks (Feb 15, 1978), Ken Norton (Mar 31, 1973) and Joe Frazier (Mar 8, 1971).

12. S.S. Great Eastern

13. Pandemonium

14. Ron Howard

15. Agar or Agar-agar

16. Corleone

17. Five answers. Between the Buttons (67), Beggars Banquet (68), Black and Blue (76) and Bridges to Babylon (97) Blue ad Lonesome (2016)

18. Cat (Shrödinger's Cat)

19. Water

20. Dennis Lillee

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