Pauls Quiz 75

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1. In which sport were the four Musketeers champions?

2. Which game is compulsory in Japanese military schools since the 15th century?

3. Which appropriate song did the Beatles sing in the first ever world wide sat. TV broadcast on the 25th of June 1967 ?

4. Who was the first man to swim 100m in less than 1 min.?

5. The following are the first words to which song? 
    "The world is treating me bad... "

6. Which man was responsible for the so-called stone age communism in Cambodia ?

7. What is a xenotransplant?

8. True or false: In Austria there is a cross country ski course for nudists ?

9. What is the name of Mallanaga Vatsyayana's popular book from the 3rd century?

10. What do Elvis and Eygptian Pharaoh's have in common? Note: 'Kings' is not the answer I'm looking for


1. Tennis   Henri Cochet, Jean Boratra, Jacques Brugnon and Rene Lacoste

2. Go

3. All you need is love

4. Tarzan - Johnny Weissmuller Johnny Weissmuller (June 2, 1904 - January 20, 1984) was one of the world's best swimmers in the 1920s, winning five Olympic gold medals and one bronze medal. He won fifty-two US National Championships and set sixty-seven world records. After his swimming career, he became the sixth actor to portray Tarzan in films, a role he played in twelve motion pictures. Other actors also played Tarzan, but Weissmuller was the best-known. His distinctive, ululating Tarzan yell is still often used in films.

5. Misery - Beatles The world is treating me bad... Misery.
I'm the kind of guy,
Who never used to cry,
The world is treatin' me bad... Misery!

6. Pol Pot

7. When one species cells (usually skin) are transplanted onto/into another species.Xenotransplantation (xeno- from the Greek meaning "foreign") is the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another such as from pigs to humans. Such cells, tissues or organs are called xenografts or xenotransplants. The term allotransplantation refers to a same-species transplant. Human xenotransplantation offers a potential treatment for end-stage organ failure, a significant health problem in parts of the industrialized world. It also raises many novel medical, legal and ethical issues. A continuing concern is that cows and pigs have different lifespans than humans and their tissues age at a different rate. Disease transmission (xenozoonosis) and permanent alteration to the genetic code of animals are a cause for concern.

8. True although there isn't one for ski jumping

9. Kama SutraMallanaga Vatsyayana is the name of an Indian philosopher in the Carvaka or Lokyata tradition, who lived some time in the Gupta period. He is known as the author of the Kama Sutra, and of the first commentary on Gotama's Nyaya Sutras.

10. They all lived in MemphisEgyptian Memphis was the ancient capital of the first nome of Lower Egypt, and of the Old Kingdom of Egypt from its foundation until around 1300 BC. Its Ancient Egyptian name was Ineb Hedj ("The White Walls"). The name "Memphis" is the Greek deformation of the Egyptian name of Pepi I's (6th dynasty) pyramid, Men-nefer, which became Menfe in Coptic. The modern cities and towns of Mit Rahina, Dahshur, Saqqara, Abusir, Abu Gorab, and Zawyet el'Aryan, south of Cairo, all lie within the administrative borders of historical Memphis.


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