Pauls Quiz 91

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1. The following are the translations for which European capital cities? 
    a: marsh building 
    b: wisdom 
    c: merchant harbour 
    d: hill 
    e: smoke inlet 
    f: blackpool 
    g: black brook 
    h: little town 
    i: mouth of the lo 
    j: bay (or pole) island

2. Which nickname was given to the first cloned cat?

3. What did the children of Islington Green school in London not want in their classroom?

4. The most extensive aerial bombardment by the RAF over Germany took place after World War II. Which part of Germany was bombed ?

5. Which country's air force was the first to bomb a German city in World War II?

6. In which book and film would you find the ship "Demeter"?

7. Which famous painter painted and sketched the atrocities of war committed by Napoleon's soldiers in Spain?

8. 325,000 couples were married in the largest mass wedding in history on August 25 1995. Which sect did they belong to?

9.  In which film do the words "I love you" save planet Earth?

10. "Are you ready Steve, Andy" are the first words to which song?


1. Ten Answers
    a: Brussels 
    b: Sofia 
    c: Copenhagen 
    d: Athens 
    e: Reykjavik 
    f: Dublin 
    g: Douglas 
    h: Luxembourg 
    i: Oslo 
    j: Stockholm

2. C.C for cloned cat/copy cat

3. No dark sarcasm (in the classroom) - Pink Floyds only number one hit song

4. Helgoland

5. The German Luftwaffe in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Apparently the weather was bad and pilots returning from France dropped their unused bombs before landing over the city. Most of the dead and wounded were children. The propaganda minister blamed it on the RAF.

6. Bram Stokers Dracula

7. Goya

8. Unification Church or the "moonies"

9. The Fifth element

10. Ballroom Blitz Are you ready, Steve? Aha. Andy? Yeah! Mick? OK. Alright, fellas, let's go!
Oh it's been getting so hard livin' with the things you do to me, aha
Oh my dreams are getting so strange I'd like to tell you everything I see
Oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact his eyes are red as the sun


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