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1. In which famous film does a ramapithecus discover and successfully use a weapon?

2. Most people when tipsy stagger in which direction, right or left, and why?

3. What don't adult dogs like vizslas and weimaraners have that most other adult dogs do?

4. Name the ten most northerly countries in the world.(Greenland excluded)

5. A word for a kind of bird and a pasta. Eight letters

6. The introduction and expansion of time zones is usually attributed to the growing use of which 19th century invention?

7. Which area did the scientist Gr?fenberg discover in the 1950s ? (bush land which is sometimes difficult to reach)

8. The USA compared the eventual fall of South Vietnam and other south east Asian countries due to communism with which game?

9. Since 1960 ten men have won the Wimbledon singles title two or more times. Name them.

10. Michaelangelo loved Carrara.Explain.


1. 2001, A Space Odyssey Siwalik specimens once assigned to the genus Ramapithecus are now considered by most researchers to belong to one or more species of Sivapithecus. Ramapithecus is no longer regarded as a likely ancestor of humans. The first incomplete specimens of Ramapithecus were found in Nepal on the bank of Tenau River western part of the country in 1932.

2. Left. Most of us have a stronger right leg. It is also the reason that a person lost in the desert will walk in a large anticlockwise circle.

3. A black nose

4. Ten Answers:
    USA ,

5. MacaroniNot specifically related but interesting fact: Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing the first macaroni machine in the United States, in 1789, when he returned home after serving as ambassador to France. He said that Daniel Paese taught him all he learned about this machine. The word macaroni was already familiar in the U.S. at that time, having appeared in the previous decade in the lyrics of the popular song "Yankee Doodle", in which the titular character "stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni"; this usage had to do with the Macaroni fashion.

6. Trains. Used as the railways in the USA expanded westwards.

7. The G-spot. Ernst Gr?fenberg (26 September 1881 - 28 October 1957) was a German-born medical doctor and scientist. He gained fame for studies of the female genitals, and female sexual physiology in general. His published papers include the seminal The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm in 1950, in which he describes female ejaculation, and an erotic zone where the urethra is closest to the vaginal wall. In 1981 sexologists John D. Perry and Beverly Whipple named this area the Gr?fenberg spot, or G-spot after him.

8. Dominoes.The Domino theory.

9. Ten Answers
    Rod Laver,
    Roy Emerson,
    John Newcombe,
    Bjorn Borg,
    Jimmy Connors,
    John McEnroe,
    Boris Becker,
    Steffan Edberg,
    Pete Sampras, 
    Roger Federer.

10. The best marble in the world was or is from Carrara Carrara is a city in the province of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany, Italy), famous for the white or blue-gray marble quarried there. It is on the Carrione River, some 100 km west-northwest of Florence.


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