Pauls Quiz 128

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1. What do most men keep in their omphalo ?

2. What do all of the following band names have in common:
    The Seekers,
    Big Country,
    Bad Company,
    Black Sabbath,
    The Searchers and 
    The Damned?

3. Measured in assassinations and attempted assassinations, what has been the most dangerous title to hold in Europe ? 

4. What kind of animal does one associate with the following names ?
     a: Colonel Hathi
     b: Secretariat
     c: Garm
     d: Keiko
     e: Marengo
     f: Old Major
     g: Hadbah
     h: Bukephalos 

5. The words "your 2nd symphony" are from which song ?

6. Which deadly Ebola-like virus is named after a German university city ?

7. Which 3 countries produce the most beer ?

8. In which European country is the word for football
   a: jalkapallo and
   b: podosfairo 

9. What was the name of Mork and Mindy`s child ?

10. The following words are from which cartoon theme song ?
    a: overture, curtain, lights
    b: he´s the boss, he`s a pip, he`s championship
    c: like a streak of light he arrives just in time
    d: pretending you got a sliver
    e: is really a crazy clown
    f: an ape named Ape
    g: we`d cruise along the milky way
    h: I´m one tough gazookas which hates all palookas
    i: he will sleep till noon but before it`s dark


1. Fluff. The omphalo is your belly button An omphalos is an ancient religious stone artifact, or baetylus. In Greek, the word omphalos means "navel" (compare the name of Queen Omphale). According to the ancient Greeks, Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world to meet at its center, the "navel" of the world. Omphalos stones used to denote this point were erected in several areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea; the most famous of those was at the oracle in Delphi.

2. They are all film titles

3. The Pope

4. Eight Answers
      a: elephant (in Jungle Book)
      b: race horse (no long shot kick the bucket!!)
      c: dog( belonged to Hel)
      d: Orca (of Free Willy fame)
      e: horse (belonged to Napoleon)
      f: pig (from Animal Farm)
      g: horse (one of the prophet Mohammed's 5 famed horses)
      h: horse (belonged to Alexander the great)

5. Video killed the radio star (The buggles)

6. Marburg The Marburg virus is the causative agent of Marburg hemorrhagic fever. Both the disease and virus are related to Ebola and originate in Uganda and Eastern Congo. The zoonosis is of unknown origin, but fruit bats are suspected. In the spring of 2005, the virus attracted widespread press attention for an outbreak in Angola. In September 2007 New Scientist magazine reported that the virus has been found in cave-dwelling African fruit bats in Gabon, the first time the virus has been found outside humans and primates. A team in Uganda is also testing bats in a mine after two miners contracted Marburg in August 2007. Ebola genes (a close relative to Marburg) were found in three species of fruit bat in 2005. The same techniques used to identify those genes were also used to identify Marburg genes found in Egyptian fruit bats, Rousettus aegyptiacus. Marburg antibodies have now been found in healthy bats suggesting that the bats had been previously infected. Although no-one has yet found complete live virii from a bat the team suggest that "I think we can be sure that these fruit bats are the reservoir of Marburg virus".

7. USA, China and Germany

8. Two Answers
   a: Finland
   b: Greece

9. Mearth Mork & Mindy was a sci-fi-based American sitcom broadcast from 1978 until 1982 on the ABC. The first episode was broadcast on September 14, 1978. The series starred Robin Williams as Mork, an alien who came to Earth -- in a large egg-shaped space ship -- from the planet Ork, and Pam Dawber as Mindy McConnell, his human comedic foil. The series was a spinoff of the sitcom Happy Days. In the fourth season, Mork and Mindy were married. Jonathan Winters, one of Williams' idols, was brought in as their child, Mearth. Due to the different Orkan physiology, Mork laid an egg, which grew and hatched into the much older Winters. It had been previously explained that Orkans aged "backwards", thus explaining Mearth's appearance.

10. Nine Answers:
    a: Bugs Bunny
    b: Top Cat
    c: Spiderman
    d: Scooby Doo
    e: Road Runner
    f: George of the Jungle
    g: Fireball XL 5
    h: Popeye
    i: Yogi Bear


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