Easy General Knowledge Quiz 13

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1. On TV which puppets were associated with Wimbledon?

2. In which university city is there a street called The high?

3. At which sport did Rachel Heyhoe Flint captain England?

4. What is or was a UDC?

5. Which 1966 film featured Elsa the lioness?

6. Which event takes place in Oberammergau in Germany every 10 years?

7. Which pop group had their first hit in 1964 with the house of the rising sun?

8. How did Clare Francis achieve fame?

9. What type of transport flew successfully for the first time in 1936?

10. What was special about the steam locomotive ?Evening Star??

11. Which country does Iberia come from?

12. What is the currency of South Africa?

13. Which famous rock singer was born on the island of Zanzibar?

14. Whom did peeping tom see naked?

15. Who directed the 7 samurai?

16. In Ancient Egypt what kind of bird is represented by Horus?

17. Which is the largest species of flatfish?

18. Who designed the city of New Delhi?

19. Which element is the most toxic known to man?

20. Which philosopher invented ?The Superman??


1. Wombles

2. Oxford

3. Women?s Cricket

4. Urban District Council

5. Born Free

6. Passion Play

7. The Animals

8. Solo Yachtswoman

9. Helicopter

10. Last steam engine built for a British railway

11. Spain

12. Rand

13. Freddy Mercury

14. Lady Godiva

15. Akira Kurosawa

16. Hawk

17. Halibut

18. Edwin Lutyens

19. Plutonium

20. Frederick Nietzsche


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