Ireland Quiz 1

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1. Which famous river runs through Dublin?

2. What is the most northerly county in Ireland?

3. Where is the 'lake isle of Innisfree'?

4. Which C is the river on which Galway stands?

5. What is the most southerly county in Ireland?

6. What is the largest county in Ireland?

7. What is the smallest county in Ireland

8. In which county is Blarney Castle?

9. What is the county town of Leitrim?

10. What is Killbegs, in Donegal, main industry

11. Lough Kee is in which county?

12. Name the river that flows through Belfast?

13. Name the county town in Mayo that featured in John Ford's The Quiet Man?

14. Name Mayo's county town?

15. Which County K has the Nore and the Barrow?

16. Which town of Co. Antrim beginning with C has a name meaning 'rock of Fergus'?

17. Which K is Ireland's only inland city?

18. Which E is the county town of Fermanagh?

19. The villages of Drumshambo and Dowra are located in which Irish county?

20. Athlone is situated at the southern end of which lake?


1. River Liffey

2. Donegal

3. On Lough Gill, Sligo

4. The Corrib

5. Cork

6. Cork

7. Louth

8. County Cork

9. Carrick-on-Shannon

10. Commerical fishing

11. Roscommon

12. Lagan

13. Cong

14. Castlebar

15. Kilkenny

16. Carrickfergus

17. Kilkenny

18. Enniskillen

19. County Leitrim

20. Lough Ree


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