Geography Quiz 9

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Geography Quiz1. What country?s largest city is Lagos?

2. Why do the people of the village of Flash look down on the rest of us?

3. Which church is the home of the Bow Bell?

4. What country calls itself Suomi?

5. What is the world?s highest mountain that isn?t part of a range?

6. What city does Orly airport serve?

7. What is the name of the large area of temperate grassland in the Soviet Union?

8. What is the largest country in Africa?

9. What South American country is alphabetically first?

10. What ocean is Mauritius in?

11. In the UK, road signs have a green background. What colour background is used for signs to tourist attractions?

12. The mountain range known as the Pyranees lies between which two major European countries?

13. Where in London would you find traitors' gate?

14. Which country has the letter 'cz' on its international registration plate?

15. The Tigris river flows through which middle eastern capital city?

16. Which of the seven continents has the largest population?

17. Babbacombe bay and Slapton sand are both beaches in which English county?

18. If you travelled directly east from cape horn, which is the next land you would reach?

19. What is a drumlin

20. How are Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca, Minorca and Cabrera collectively known?


1. Nigeria

2. Britains Highest village

3. St Mary le Bow

4. Finland

5. Mount Kilimanjaro

6. Paris

7. The Steppes

8. Algeria

9. Argentina

10. The Indian Ocean

11. Brown

12. France and Spain

13. Tower of London

14. Czech republic

15. Baghdad

16. Asia

17. Devon

18. Cape horn

19. A type of hill

20. The Balearics


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