Pauls Irish Quiz 1

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1. Which opulent Stanley Kubrick film is about the life of an 18th century Irish adventurer?

2. The Irish engineer and inventor Harry Ferguson (of Massey Ferguson tractor fame) developed the P99 in 1961, the first Formula One car with which 'gripping' advantage?

3. Which popular film is based around a tranquil character named Sean Thornton and his family's farm in Innisfree?

4. Once upon a time it was widely accepted that rats in Ireland could be destroyed by which one of the following? 
    a. Holy water 
    b. the sound of pipes 
    c. rhyming verse

5. Some elementary particles in physics are known as Quarks. The word Quark stems from which famous Irish novel?

6. I was born at 21 Westland Row, Dublin. For much of my life I advocated socialism and also had a strong libertarian streak as shown in my poem "Sonnet to Liberty". In 1895 I was sentenced to two years' hard labour in Reading Gaol. Who am I?

7. Name the two people in the following list who were NOT born in Ireland. 
    Pierce Brosnan, Richard Harris, Daniel Day Lewis, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Maureen O'Hara, Jonathan Swift, Chris de Burgh.

8. Including penalties, how many goals did Ireland score in order to reach the quarter finals of the 1990 Football World Cup in Italy?

9. Which Dublin born 18th century writer created the first name Vanessa for one of his adventure novels?

10. Which female Irish pirate was known as 'The Sea Queen of Connaught'?

11. Put the following Irish provinces in order of population starting with the largest: 
    a: Munster, b: Connacht, c: Leinster, d: Ulster

12. The SS Empress of Ireland sunk in the early morning of 29 May, 1914 with the loss of 1,012 lives. It is still the worst maritime disaster ever in which country?

13. Which effect, named after a famous Irish Physicist, explains why the sky is blue? 
    a. The Gray effect 
    b. The Singleton effect 
    c. The Tyndall effect 
    d. The Cassidy effect

14. Which former Republic of Ireland international footballer played one of the footballers in John Huston's 1981 film 'Escape to Victory'? 
    a. Liam Brady 
    b. Kevin O'Callaghan 
    c. Paul McGrath 
    d. Frank Stapleton

15. Name the top four biggest selling musical acts of all time from the Republic of Ireland. 1 point for each correct answer

16. Who was Cu Chulainn's faithful friend and charioteer?  


1. Barry Lyndon

2. Four wheel drive

3. The Quiet Man

4. c. rhyming verse

5. Finnegan's Wake

6. Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde

7. Daniel Day Lewis (UK) and Chris de burgh (Argentina)

8. 7 goals. 1-1 against England, 0-0 against Egypt, 1-1 against Holland and 5-4 against Romania

9. Jonathan Swift

10. Grace O'Malley or Grainne Ni Mhaille

11. CDAB - Leinster (2,295,123), Ulster (1,993,918), Munster (1,173,340), Connacht (504,121)

12. Canada

13. c. The Tyndall effect, after John Tyndall

14. b. Kevin O'Callaghan

15. U2 (170 Million +), Enya (75 Million +), The Cranberries (50 Million +), The Corrs (43 Million +)

16. Laeg


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